Why does my scooter slowly stop running?

by Dale Whelchel
(Spotsylvania, VA)

I have a 50cc TaoTao scooter; it will start and run fine for a bit, then just starts losing power and shuts off. If I let it sit, then it will start fine the next time, but still has the same problem with keeping running.

I replaced the carb and the vacuum fuel switch. It has spark and fuel. What else could be the problem?

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Sep 22, 2016
stops running NEW
by: Dave

I have a 50cc C3 Yamaha scooter it runs fine at times but it quits running when it get hot after it sets for a while it will run great . I hope some one can help me this machine running again

Sep 05, 2016
Scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 50 cc VIP it runs fine but when I drive it like 5 minutes down the road it spurts out and stops working what could be the problem? Email: cristingurganus@yahoo.com

Jun 06, 2016
backfiring NEW
by: tyrell

I have a Matagucci Kiak 150cc and my scooter rides good for about ten minutes and them backfires before it cuts off. I hit the off switch will still riding, then switch it back on and its goes back to normal. I keep adjusting the air flow on carb, but it still does the same. Is it the battery or carb.

May 31, 2016
Taotao 150cc NEW
by: Jim ruor

Hi everyone i have a 2016 taotao 150 lancer. It has 47miles on it. Anyways it starts up great drives for about 5-10 minutes loses power and just stalls out. Actually has had this problem since i got it with two miles on it. Ive replaced the carb put an ngk spark plug in it, a really good battery. But still same problem. Any helo would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Mar 06, 2016
vip NEW
by: jontez

I have a VIP but great doing the day sometimes like going over bump or every speed bump it loses power please tell me whats going on I only had it 2 weeks still new my email is occoirrissgibert96@gmail.com

Mar 06, 2016
vip NEW
by: jontez

I have a VIP but great doing the day sometimes like going over bump or every speed bump it loses power please tell me whats going on I only had it 2 weeks still new my email is occoirrissgibert96@gmail.com

Mar 06, 2016
vip NEW
by: jontez

I have a VIP but great doing the day sometimes like going over bump or every speed bump it loses power please tell me whats going on I only had it 2 weeks still new my email is occoirrissgibert96@gmail.com

Nov 23, 2015


Sep 29, 2015
Headlight NEW
by: Lynzac

Would anyone know where to find a headlight for a ymc16k50 scooter?

Mar 12, 2015
good luck NEW
by: Anonymous

check your valve cover gasket is sucking in too much air

Oct 09, 2014
2014 tao tao 50cc plz help NEW
by: Anonymous

just bought this scooter for 400 bucks it has 200 miles on it its a 2014 tao tao 50cc the lady I bought it from had it sitting for about 4 months before then it ran great, I drained the old gas and replaced the battery before i even attempted to crank it up it will crank right up but wont idle and in order to make it go you have to jerk the throttle back and fourth real fast it will not go over 15 mph and bogs down and dies plz help

Sep 12, 2014
taotao thunder 50 NEW
by: Dustin R

My thunder 50 is having the same issue. I would start it up and go ride and the first stop sign in my neighborhood that I stop at it cuts off. I put it on its center stand and it takes a few tricks to get it started and it runs and I spend 5-10 minutes warming it up and once its warm it runs fine but it is really noisy when I ride it if I hold my hand under the exhaust and then smell my hand I can smell a strong smell of gas. so Im going to try adjusting the valves and I will post again let you know if it fixed the problem. I have 2200 km on it.

Aug 20, 2014
Scooter slowly bogging down & Dying? NEW
by: Rocketman

I had the same problem with my 2011 Rocketa 50cc GY6 Scooter. I purchased it new in the crate in 2013 as a left over from the dealer. It is common for 50cc GY6 Scooters valves to need adjusting every so often. My scooter had about 500 miles on it when the trouble began. Within 3 mos. and 200 miles later, it was so bad that I started replacing parts. I started with the Carb. then after replacing that with no results, I continued with the Petcock valve, the CDI unit, the Coil and plug wire, the spark plug, the vacuum lines, and after all of that, Scootdawg, a scooter guru on one of the sites, suggested my valves. I pulled my scooter into my kitchen and went at it, cracking the engine compartment open and adjusted my valves to .005 as all suggestions pointed at between .004 and .007 I waited until morning and pushed it outside. With my fingers crossed, it cranked up and after a few minor adjustments to my carb. ran better than it ever had before. This was also explained to me. The dealers rarely ever do a proper pre sales inspection on their scooters which should include checking the vales. As mine was in it's original crate when purchased, it never had any kind of inspection at all. There are several videos on Utube explaining this procedure, and all you need are some feeler gauges and a basic socket set as well as a Phillip's screw driver for the misc. screws along the way. Good luck, and I think this will pretty much fix your problem. Before starting all of this, always check for vacuum line leaks or leaks around your carburetor. Good luck! Eliot A.

Aug 20, 2014
Frustrating! NEW
by: Anonymous

I got 2 scooters doing the same thing - Honda Tact and a Dio. Seems to be a fuel or vacuum problem? Maybe airflow. No idea. Someone mentioned the battery. Min's not charging. What is the relevance of that please?

Jul 30, 2014
Rocketa YMC-16K-50 Runs and Bogs then Dies! NEW
by: Eliot A.

I have a 2011 Rocketa 49.3 GY6 139QMB and have replaced the carburetor, petcock valve, CDI, all of the vacuum lines, adjusted the air flow and gas until it idles perfect and then, when I take off, it makes it two blocks, bogs down and dies! It will continue doing this about 5 or 6 times and then start running good but not great. It will only get to about 25MPH instead of it's regular 35 to 40. I have read theories about the clutch, rollers, restricted exhaust, as well as my valves, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Apr 06, 2014
2003 Vespa NEW
by: Anonymous

My 2003 Vespa starts but then dies out. Can you tell me why?

Mar 05, 2014
Please help NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 2012 Tao Tao and it starts hard and when it finally starts it will run strong and slowly lose power and die. It will not idle. Some other posts mention adjusting the valves. How is this done and where are they located? Sorry but I am a female and not a mechanic but I am an itelligent person. I took the carb off and put it back together. It finally ran for awhile and then started doing the same thing.
Please help..😥

Aug 01, 2012
The Fix NEW
by: Anonymous

adjust your valves

Jun 25, 2012
gas cap-scoot slowly dies NEW
by: Anonymous

when this happens take off your gas cap do you hear a whoosh of air? if so the venting is faulty or clogged with gas from a overfilled gastank take the stock unit off throw it away and put in place a gas filter pointing sideways or up.

May 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

I bought a 2011 and there is a defect in the crankshaft, under warranty they are now rebuilding the motor. Oil spewed all over the motor and leaked. We had the same problem with the speed and not ideling. Largo, FL

Feb 14, 2012
Exhaust maybe?
by: Metropolitan Scooters

Check to make sure your exhaust head pipe didn't sustain a dent in the accident. Does this happen regardless of engine operating temperature?

Feb 14, 2012
send any thoughts
by: Anonymous

I checked the gas cap and oil cap, that's a real possibility, so I ran with loose fit. But these two cycle engines don't have valves to adjust. My oil injection may be contaminated or not working but if it gets too hot I don't think it will idle good the way it does...

My speedometer does not work and so maybe there is electrical short only at high speed when throttle is nearly wide open. It looks like I have an electric prime on carb. that seems to work well, it starts without any throttle. My throttle cable does not return as fast as I would like it and I am suspicious of short since my scooter came to me missing a right tun signal after minor accident.

I wish I could check coil output at high rpm, I might try pouring gas into carb at full throttle where it loses power as described in the above complaints.

I'll keep you posted.

Jan 02, 2012
Taotao 50cc scooter
by: Anonymous

I think all of these scooters have the same problem. They start, then the power gets very weak and they shut off. I tried to replace the carburetor and it didn't help. I had to push mine home from over a mile away from home because the battery died from so many stalls and restarts. What's the deal with these things? I think they be should be recalled and we should get our money back or at least get replacements (different makes or models) that run correctly.

Sep 22, 2011
Metropolitan Scooters, was right
by: jp from sc, what what

I had the same problem, the valves were really really tight, so I fixed it and it runs better than it ever has. It idles perfectly, didn't do that new. Just get a set of feeler gauges -- if that's the right spelling of feeler -- and fix it. It's not that hard. Then the next time you have a problem ask the Metropolitan Scooters dude because he knows what hes talking about, thanks Metropolitan Scooters dude!

Jul 23, 2011
It's your exhaust valve
by: Metropolitan Scooters

We've seen this problem a few times. The problem is a valve adjustment and it seems to rear its' ugly head starting somewhere around the 1500 mile mark. When the engine is cold and the valve adjustment is too tight, but not so tight as to keep the exhaust valve open, the engine will start. As the engine warms up and the valves and rocker arms expand due to heat, the valve is forced open and cannot close. You then have no compression and the engine stops running. Let the engine cool, even for a few moments, and the process will start all over again. THE SOLUTION: Let your engine cool completely, adjust your valves and the problem will go away.

Jul 20, 2011
tao tao piece of poop
by: Anonymous

Mine started doing the same thing after about 800 miles. When we first bought it, the dealership had to fix something they put on backwards. Also, the gas guage stopped working and the speedometer isn't correct.

May 16, 2011
Slows down
by: Anonymous

Turned out to be a leaky manifold, go figure!

May 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

My scooter was running perfect for the first 1,000 miles and after that it started to do the same thing too it slowly starts to die down, even if i let it warm up, i am thinking it has something to do with the carburetor because it sounds like it is bogging down or something. Did you figure out what was the problem with yours?

Nov 12, 2010
Maybe getting hot
by: Gary

Something of this nature was happening to me when my scooter was new and I'd run it for a while because it was overheating and vaporizing the gas. I have to admit though, the way this went down, to me the cause seemed obvious, but maybe it wouldn't have occurred to someone else.

The solution was to change to synthetic (Mobil I) oil, which is a lot slipperier and resistant to losing its lubrication properties at higher temps, so the scooter immediately ran cooler once I'd changed to synthetic oil, and I never had the problem again.

It may be a long shot that this is your trouble too, but at least consider if it might fit the circumstances. Of course you don't want to do this unless the rings have seated (about 200 miles needed).

Oct 18, 2010
Another Source
by: Jim Zeiser

Also the best source for info on Tao Tao scooters is John Sanchez at GS Motorworks. 1-888-400-3253

They are now the sellers of Tao Tao and if your problem has come up alot, John will have the answer.

Oct 13, 2010
How Quickly
by: Jim Zeiser

You have to check for spark the second it shuts down. Checking it a few minutes or any time later is no good. The best thing to do is carry along a spare plug and when it dies get out the plug wire, hook up the plug and see if you have spark. If you do, and it's a healthy blue spark, then you have a fuel feed problem. Maybe a clogged vent in your gas cap or a bad fuel filter. Maybe a kinked fuel line.

Oct 12, 2010
Scooter dies
by: Dale

It doesn't shut off abruptly, it slowly loses power and then shuts off.

Oct 12, 2010
by: Jim Zeiser

It sounds like an electrical component is breaking down under heat. Maybe the CDI or coil. Also check and make sure the battery is charging. Something is losing power.

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