Where Can I Get a 2009 JM Star Shenke Scooter Fixed?

I just purchased a JM STAR SHENKE model# RETRO YY50QT-5. And for the 1st 2 weeks it ran fine. Now whenever I shut it down or I am riding it for a few minutes, I have fuel coming out of the intake.

The manuals it came with you can barely understand & they do not give any repair center info or locations. So can you please help me with this problem?

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Aug 07, 2012
scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

take it to ST Pet.Find it in the phone book.Great shop.All people know what they are doing.not like here in Lakeland.

Jul 22, 2012
Same scooter same problem which I fixed. NEW
by: FRED

The fellow or gal who said the float is sticking was close! Actually the floats not sticking, after mine had 86 miles on it it had starting problems, like it was flooding so I had to full throttle it, kinda like putting a foot feet to the floor like in the old days when engines would flood. Anyways I loosened the hoseclamps that hold the carberator after lifting the seat and opening the access cover, its held by one screw. Next I was able to turn the carb over to remove the float cover. the float is held in by one machine screw which locks the float pivot pin. I then carefully removed the float and bent the tab which opens and closes the fuel cuttoff seat. Its a small copper colored piece with a rubber pointed tip. Bend the tab a VERY SMALL amount so it puts pressure sooner on the fuel cutoff seat I got lucky I only had to bend mine once and it worked. you may have to try several times to get it right. Put everything back together in a reverse order.. Good luck. If you are not mechanicaly inclined, I wouldn't try it. but I'd buy a new carb there just $24 on ebay, and easy to change..GOOD LUCK.

Nov 17, 2011
shenke scooter Vac problem NEW
by: Leon

I have a shenke SL250 CC scooter.I have had to places work on the problem.Scooter will not Idle and makes a puffing noise in the muffler.How do I correct this problem?

Jul 12, 2009
Plan ahead....................
by: Ron Goldwyn

One of the basic thoughts when making a purchase is where do I get it serviced. Years ago we had TV repair shops, today they are rare due to the invention of the printed circut. We no longer can replace one defective component so it is cheaper to discard the old and buy new.
When it comes to automobiles, boats and scooters, part of the thought process we undergo is to plan ahead and think who is going to service my purchase.
If you think this way, you are putting the horse in front of the cart and not reversing the natural order.
I could have saved a few hundred dollars by buying my new scooter via the internet, but being over 70, I knew that I no longer was physically able to do my own servicing, let alone having the parts and service manuals for my scooter. So I decided that I would find a scooter in a local dealer and pay the extra dollars for his overhead, but know that he had the parts and knowledge to service my vehicle as per the manual supplied by the manufacturer.
So the logical answer to your question of where you can get a Shenke Scooter fixed is at a local Shenke dealer. Now if you now realize that none are available, you must find a scooter repair shop is capable of obtaining parts and has the ability to correctly service your scooter. Finally your last resort is by getting an education and doing it yourself. Part of that education is asking questions as you have dome and hopefully getting a successful reply.
For future purchasers, this message is offered as wise council from a person who has traveled the same road earlier.

Jul 06, 2009
Stuck Float
by: Jim Zeiser

It sounds like your float is sticking. Whine a shop is always a great idea. You could find the drain line, unscrew the drain plug and empty it into a cup and maybe the float will drop and unstick itself. Next try lifting and dropping the back wheel to shock the carburetor and maybe unstick it that way. Neither will hurt and is worth a try.

Jun 28, 2009
Service Center
by: 2 Wheel Toystore LLC

Every scooter dealer in your zipcode should be able to repair it. Go on the internet or Yellowbook to search.

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