What do I need to know or get when getting a scooter?

by Gwynn
(San Diego)

Hi All... I'm completely new to this whole thing (and really excited!!) I'm going to be using it to get to work (7 miles away) and just for city cruising. I've shopped around at places all over San Diego and have decided on a Genuine Buddy 125cc. I figured the hardest part was over... but, now I realize there is more involved...

I figure I need a helmet, but what's better? Getting the face cover on the helmet? Or the windshield thing on the scooter? Should I have both? I'm NOT made of money but still want safety. I just really want to make sure I don't buy stuff when it's not needed or worth it.

How important is the warranty? Is it going to be worth it to get another year (after the initial 2 years)? Is this going to be a high maintenance scooter?

Is there any other accessories or essentials that I need to make sure I'm covered when I start? Peddles? mufflers? break things? or are those things to get later or fluff? Do I have to get rust stopper things (I live by the beach)?

Am I just making this overly complex?

Sorry for the mass of questions!! Any help at all would be massively helpful!



What kind of driving style should I have to insure that this lasts as long as possible? I heard some one say I always should be changing speeds, is that correct?

How often should I oil it?

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Jan 13, 2011
Getting off to a good start
by: Bob ArtistCarter

I started riding a motorcycle when I was 70. I was as excited as you. Seven years later, still excited, I've switched to a scooter but I'm glad I took the Motorcycle Rider's Course offered by the State of California. Along with learning how to handle my motorcycle, and now my scooter, I learned some VERY important things.

(1)Only wear a full helmet with face shield. My helmet face shield has scratches on it to prove its value. Spend the money...it is your face; it is your brain. You are going to crash. Everyone does. You dress for the crash not for the ride.

(2) Wear a motorcycle jacket with padding. You can take it off when you get where you are going. Better the jacket than the bandages. (Besides you will stand out in the crowd.)

(3) Your scooter will go where you are looking, so look where you want to go. This works in cars too, but the results are instantaneous on two wheels. Become a good rider. That is when it is fun. I wish you careful riding and all the fun of two-wheeling it. Keep us all posted.

Jan 11, 2011
Welcome to the club!
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Hi Gwynn... Glad you're so excited about your scooter... I felt the same way when I bought mine. By now, you may have answered some of these questions for yourself, but I'll go ahead and put in my two cents...

As a fellow Genuine Buddy owner, I'll venture a guess that you won't need to worry too much about things going wrong, although a couple of recent readers have felt otherwise. I've never had any trouble with my Buddy though. You do need to get it serviced by the dealer after the first 500 to 1000 miles... they'll change the oil, check that everything is still working well, etc. Worth the money. After that, you'll need to get the oil changed (or do it yourself) at regular intervals.

I have a windshield because it protects you from road debris and also provides some sun protection if you duck behind it. But a helmet is still essential. I own a half helmet, but I'd be safer with at least a 3/4 helmet with faceplate, especially if I ever fell. It's personal preference, but a full helmet is always going to give you the most protection in an accident.

Other things you need... driving lessons and lots of practice! That's the best way to get your skills up to snuff and to stay safe on the road.

You should also wear protective gear. Always ride in pants, not shorts and a tightly woven jacket. Motorcycle gear is best, but if you can't afford it, then a jeans jacket or something along those lines is better than a windbreaker. Yes, it can be hot, but if you fall... Gloves are also wise, as are shoes... not sandals.

I really wanted something for storage beyond the underseat compartment. I would have liked a locking topcase, but I couldn't afford it, so I bought a rear rack on sale and then got a wire basket that screws to it. It was quite a bit cheaper and it works fine unless it's raining, for bringing stuff home from the store, etc.

Good luck & have fun!

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