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Mar 07, 2017
junk NEW
by: BOB

I have had it fore 3 years it wont go over 15 mph if

Jun 12, 2011
gordph, I'm in wpg too
by: plaiditude

Also bought my Tomos Nitro scooter at Desana Motors about two months ago - loving it! I've been getting about 73miles per tank using premium gas.

Jun 02, 2011
240 milrs
by: gordph

bought this two weeks ago, live in winnipeg canada, best dealer here Desana Motors, 204-781-3932; great machine, starts great, runs better, been all over town, 3Rd gas tank put in high grade fuel, improved mpg and acceleration, don't hesitate, buy it, what a hoot!!!!

Oct 20, 2010
sure ok
by: Anonymous

my Tomos still runs but for how long, looking at the whole thing it looks nice but it's not a great scooter.

The bike was slapped together and leaks all over in the carb, air lines. The rim on the back is not at all lined up it wobbles like a bent rim and I can feel it when I take a turn over 15 miles an hour.

The idle is at 4000 rpm at a dead stop. The battery cover popped out when I hit a bump in the road; the fake front turn light on the left side is not lined up in its housing and the motor sounds worse than the other 50cc scooters and the mpg is maybe 60.

My tank is almost empty after riding 55 miles. The bike is a month old and if I would have a chance to go look at other bikes, I would have not bought the Nitro.

There are other problems, but it makes me sad to think about. It's a Chinese bike just like the other but with more problems...

Sep 25, 2009
by: NICK S.


Sep 09, 2009
Where made?
by: Ron Goldwyn

Dear DL.
On our Forum, member Moto says that the Tomos was bought out by another European Company. the moped are still made in Europe, but our Tomos scooters are using the China built GY6 engine and the frame is assembled by the SYM scooter company
which is one of the best Chinese scooters.
Please read my exchane between Moto and myself as well as the manuals he has posted.

Sep 08, 2009
Follow up to my broken Tomos
by: DL

Follow up to my woes. Two and a half weeks later and still waiting for the shop to fix the scooter. Aparently Tomos Canada (distributor) had to order a part (for kickstarter) from the states.
When I bought my Tomos, the paperwork stated Slovenia. So I don't know if or what would be Chinese made on mine if it came from Slovenia, unless engine was made in China and scooter assembled in Slovenia. Comments on this welcome.

Aug 25, 2009
Tomos Nitro 50 performance
by: DL

I bought a '09 Nitro 50 in mid July. My first time owning/riding a scooter. It is a blast. Mine is factory stock and can reach 70 kph easily (I'm about 185 lbs). Dealer told me with that kind of performance (that they don't normally see from a stock bike) there is no point in installing the modified CDI module.

Ran fine until it became hard to start to the point of not starting and the kick starter got pooched in the process (in trying to start it) Dealer thinks the choke or carb went on it and probably spring broke in the kick starter.

Waiting for it to be fixed by them.

Other than that, enjoyed it, and it can beat my buddy's Vespa 150 off the line.

Jul 31, 2009
My TOMOS has issues
by: Eric

I took my TOMOS Nitro 50 to my dealer (Heeters in North Manchester, IN) at my 900 mile checkup last summer, and I mentioned that I had to put in 1/6 quart of oil in at about 600 miles. He had a surprised look on his face, saying that it was not normal, but didn't offer to check to see why that was occuring, etc.

At around 2200 miles (5 months into my 6-month warranty), the belt goes bad (I was driving along when I came to a slowing stop, with the engine still running well). I end up walking it one mile to relatives, ... but then take it back to Heeters where they replaced the belt and the clutch, saying that the clutch went bad, and literally chewed up the drive belt, as you couldn't recognize what it had been before, ... it was in small shreaded pieces. He said he gave me a better clutch than the OEM one, and a kevlar belt to replace the OEM drive belt.

Heeters told me that I would know when the drive belt needed to be replaced, as a noticeable drop in performance would occur. Well, only after another 2000 miles, I noticed that my top speed and MPG was slowy going down, ... and now with around 5100 miles, I am only doing 29mph tops, when it used to go around 35-37, and my MPG has dropped from the range of 110-118mpg to just above 80mpg.

I took it back into Heeters again at the start of this week, but I'm beginning to question the reliability of the TOMOS scooter brand.

According to the TOMOS owners manual, it states that the drive belt is to be inspected every 3750 miles, and replaced every 7500 miles, ... and it appears that I may be going thru two of them well before then.

I have a friend that has had a Honda Elite 80 for a couple of years, with 9000 miles, ... still getting about 108+mpg, and he hasn't replaced the belt yet.

After purchasing my TOMOS, another friend noted that the scooter was manufactured in China. I wonder if the parts are made there too, and the quality of the parts that Heeters is putting on are inferior.

I'm beginning to wonder now as I talk to others that own scooters of other makes.

I told Heeters that the CVT transmission doesn't appear to be working as a "CVT transmission", for when I go down to 10-15mph, and try to accelerate, it boggs down, staying in the same ratio and not moving into a better range for better acceleration.

I thought I might "break even" (after about 2 years or less) with the gas money I save using my TOMOS instead of my car for certain trips, ... but if the quality of the product continues to be in question like this, it will be hard to say when that would be. I suppose it still beats the maintenance cost on an auto.

Jul 20, 2009
Electric starter
by: martin


Scooter does not start with the button and the brake light is always on, can somebody help me?

Jul 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

I've had a Tomos 09 scooter for about a month now and I love it but only thing I would like to have hooked up is the front side marker lights. They didn't come hooked up and dealer said they are illegal to have hooked up? Anyone know anything about these and how to hook them up?

Jul 17, 2009
Exhaust muffler
by: Tony

I have a Tomos i will like to change the muffler what will be good for the Tomos Nitro 50?

Jul 11, 2009
500 miles
by: thalon

A follow up to my previous post. The scooter is pretty good. I wish it had a little more pep off the start. I used a GPS to track the odometer and speedometer. The Odometer is reading 10% high, and the speedometer is reading 20% HIGH. Very annoying. I've seen the speedometer read 70kph with a good tail wind but I was only doing 60kph in reality. I have made no mods to date. Does modifying the muffler make it faster? How much noisier would it make the scooter?

Jul 10, 2009
by: Ron Goldwyn

I'm 70+ and in the past year have put on 1300 miles. My only problem is using the fork stand. for me its hard. Have added a windscreen and two solid saddle bags in the rear. Next comes an audio system. Top speed is 33MPH but would like more. Works very well, & I love it except in freezing weather.

Jul 04, 2009
Just Bought One
by: Steve

I just bought one and can't wait to ride it. The dealer is drilling holes in the gasket in the muffler to make it go fater. He's my weight 220 lbs and can get to 70 kpm cruising speed.

May 27, 2009
what mods hit 70kmh?
by: Anonymous

What mods did u put on ur nitro to make it go 70kmh????

May 26, 2009
Performance Mods
by: Anonymous

Just made some simple performance mods to my nitro 50 today. Now crusies around 70kph and got to 84kph on a down hill....

Apr 27, 2009
Tomos Scooter Review
by: Anonymous

I have been having a tomos for almost one year now. Excellent scooter, runs very smoothly. It is a bit big for a 50cc but it has good pickup and speed.

Apr 09, 2009
initial review
by: thalon

I've had my Nitro 50 for about 3 days. Overall its as good scooter. The under seat storage is not large engough for a snowmobile helmet. The speed is ok, max 30mph or so. The acceration leaves something to be desired. Living in Canada I wish the speedometer and Odo were in Km/h not MPH, and I'm looking into at least changing the speedometer label, as there is nothing I can do for the odometer. It handles well, and looks good :)

Mar 17, 2009
This Brand Is New to Me
by: Kathi

Thanks, Martin, for taking the time to share your experience with the Tomos Nitro scooter. Hope it continues to work out well for you. Please come back and post once you've had the scooter for a while, won't you?

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