Suzuki Burgman 400cc Motor Scooter Review

by Kimmyjoe
(Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)

There are so many things to like about the Burgie. First of all I have a small 125 Kinetic Catan Scooter which I still use for little zips around town. Now the Suzuki Burgman, class act. I can keep up with no problem with my boyfriend on his 1200cc Harley (much to his dismay).

It is still very good on gas and travels the rough roads and mountains here in Cape Breton. I can pack enough under the seat to do a weekend tour without having to add bags or a roll to it. If you are looking for a great touring scoot, take a Suzuki Burgman for a test.

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Aug 26, 2015
Great site - recommend NEW
by: Anons

You can find more details about kids scooter here.
it doesn't look like a scooter.check this

Apr 22, 2013
What is a scooter? NEW
by: Anonymous

Both the Stella and some older Vespa's were manual shift. The new BMW 650 GT isn't really a step through unless you have very long legs; more like a step over.

Mar 17, 2011
Anonymous = false information
by: Rider

"Many scooters do not use a step through design and not all scooters are automatic."

That is a completely erroneous statement.

I've yet to see a scooter that does NOT use a step through design; and I've done a TON of research over the last few years while buying/selling scooters and other bikes. In fact, I would dare say that the step through design is one of the things that makes a scooter a scooter.

Also, I've yet to see a scooter that is not automatic.

Anonymous does NOT know what he/she is talking about.

Jul 28, 2009
In addition
by: Ron Goldwyn

One additional thought, and that is only vehicles classified as motorcycles my use the high speed highways that have a minimum speed of 35 mph. Yes there are other requirements, but I've hit the major ones.
Remember also thar vehicles with two or three wheels that the operator stands on with one leg and pushes with the other is also called a SCOOTER. As a handicapped person I also have a power chair and an electric scooter supplied by The Scooter Store.

Jul 28, 2009
If it walks like a duck
by: Ron Goldwyn

Dear Anons,
Automobiles come in all different sizes and shapes and almost all have four wheels. Some have the engine in front and others in the rear, yet they remain an automobile and require a state drivers license.
In the State of CT if a vehicle has an engine of 49 cc or less and is street equiped it is classified as a motor assisted bike or a moped. The operator MUST have a state drivers license so that 16 or younger children may not operate on city or state roads.They also must twist and go without a transmission.
If the 2 or 3 wheeled vehicle has an engine greater than 49cc, my state classifies them as motorcycles. Regardless of their looks, method of mounting, location of fuel tank, weight,number of passengers and maximum speed. These vehicles MUST be registered by the state and bear license plates. They are also taxed as real property, just as automobiles, real estate and houses. As for the operator they must have a motorcycle license in addition to their drivers license for cars. In CT we must also have licenses for boats with engines and/or motors and a special licence for what I call Seados or water scooters.
Thus I cannot speak for all states, but in my state even if it looks, walks and talks like a duck, if it has a 49+cc engine it is a MOTORCYCLE in the eyes of the government.

Jul 28, 2009
Actually neither is true,
by: Anonymous

Many scooters do not use a step through design and not all scooters are automatic. The CVT on most scooters and rear engine placement along with the way the engine is hung/attached is what differentiates a scooter from a motorcycle.

The vast majority of scooters have engines which unlike motorcycles are placed in the rear and are not attached to the frame but hung from an engine hanger.

Jul 15, 2009
why a scooter and not a motorcycle
by: Anonymous

In response to why do we label these scooters just that and not a motorcycle is simple to the avid scooter owner/rider. Scooters no matter what the size have two distinct differences than a motorcycle... one they all have step through instead of full leg over, and secondly they are all twist and go so not clutching or shifting. That's what makes a scooter a scooter and thank goodness for SCOOTERS!

Jul 10, 2009
by: Ron Goldwyn

Why do we label this size bike a scooter? To me it is a small motorcycle.

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