Small Medium and Large Yamaha Scooters Reviews

by Karen Black
(Vallejo, California USA)

My Yamaha scooters reviews are all positive... I started out years ago with a 50cc Yamaha Jog. Then I went up a size to a 125cc, then up to the 200cc... and most recently the Vino 125.

I'm a big girl and I never had an acceleration problem with any of them. Basically I never had any problem with a Yamaha that I didn't cause myself. I scratched 'em, wrecked 'em and had them stolen! Hearing off brands have trouble suprised me, because my Yamaha never ever broke down.

The Vino 125 was pretty but couldn't handle a windshield, which I found mandatory after I didn't have one. The little hook for the helmet seemed weak but storage was never a problem. When I had groceries, I tied two plastic bags together with a third bag. Then I slung them over between the seat and the back basket like saddle bags.

If I was fully loaded in the back, I'd swing a pair over both shoulders and zip home. I actually took dining room chairs home two at a time stacked on the back of my basket on a 125! Ah Youth!

The little 50ccs are great because you can drag 'em up on the sidewalk real easy. If you drop it getting it put right again is a cinch. Clock the speed of traffic where you drive. In SF, CA traffic never goes above 35 mph. In Vallejo the traffic routinely goes higher than 35 mph so a little bike there wouldn't be much good.

I actually decided, that in my opinion, SF CA is the best scooter city in the US and a lot of other places suck. Thus I am driving a truck...

Another issue is resale value. The Yamaha holds its value. Sure it will depreciate a bit, but have you ever tried to buy one new? They aren't cheap. Folks know what they have and the market bears them out. Ya can't go wrong with a Yamaha scooter!


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Nov 30, 2011
Paris is the best scooter City!
by: karen Black

After a recent trip to Paris I'd have to say that Paris Scooters rule. There are at least 200 scooters on most corners! Oh and maybe 3 motercycles! The scooters rule! Most are in drab colors but some are jaw droppingly beautiful!
Plus, they use scooter bras'. Kinda like car bras but the start in the front then cover the seat so it will be dry for you when it rains. When you get on the bra drapes over your legs like a blankie/chaps contraption. Startling and way cool! GEt ready for the rain and ride!

PS. I'mgonna have to check out Madison WI!

Nov 29, 2011
I think it is Madison
by: Long time scooter guy

Simply because a 2010 study showed Madison, WI as haveing the highest scooter per capita ratio in the country. They have a lot of scooters and riders there. Snow doesn't matter, they ride year round.

Feb 11, 2011
by: Kathi, Site Owner

Wow! I've been to Boston and I can't see how anyone would pick that as the best scooter city. First off, the climate isn't conducive a large part of every year.

Second, the drivers there are CRAZY! It's scary enough in a car... I can't imagine being on a scooter, except maybe you can park and zip around easier than cars.

I don't know... I'd take San Fran any day! :)

Jan 18, 2011
Best Scooter City???
by: Karen Black

I think SF is the best scooter city but now I hear Boston wants the title! I'm gonna have to plan a scooter trip to Boston. Rent a scooter and do the town! Far out!

Jan 18, 2011
Yamaha Scooters
by: Rick Rudge

Thanks for the great reviews Karen. I've got a Yamaha 50cc Zuma and love it. I thought it was interesting to hear what scooting was like in Vallejo compared to SF. I live near Portland, Oregon and although it's pretty scooter-friendly, with the wet roads and the cool, wet, weather, you can't exactly call it the best scooter city. ;-) Still, traffic is slow enough that my scooter runs pretty nicely, and the scooter community is very friendly up here. Happy riding.

Mar 31, 2010
by: Anonymousjosh

Boston in my opinion is the best scooter city in the USA... fun to ride in city or take to the Cape or the islands.

Jan 12, 2010
Great Review
by: Kathi

Thanks, Karen, for posting this review. I found it not only informative, but also entertaining. :)

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