Shopping with Moped-ease

by Jim Zeiser
(Deposit, NY, US)

Today Groceries, Tomorrow Takeout Food

Today Groceries, Tomorrow Takeout Food

As many of you know I bought my stepsons each a moped to travel around the countryside with. They haven't exactly flown off on them so I thought there should be someway to put the minibikes to work.

Lately the price of gas has risen about twenty cents a gallon here, even more from some of its previous lows, which bothers me no end. Now it could just be the coming holidays or some other explanation and it will drop after New Years but I don't want to be caught if it doesn't.

So I thought "how about putting a big box on the back of one of the mopeds and use it as a grocery getter through the winter". I'd much rather crud up the moped than my scooter since the moped would be much easier to clean with fewer hidden surfaces than the scooter has.

Also the moped goes slower. Less wind chill, less chance of issues with road hazards. Also the scooter has 2400 miles and the moped has 90. What the heck! Put the equipment to work.

So yesterday I mounted a big crate on the back of the black moped and took off to town in search of groceries. I filled the box with a gallon of milk, a gallon of apple juice, three boxes of tissues, eggs (which didn't break), Cheese slices, rolls and two loaves of bread.

The moped and box handled the load just fine and made it home in fine fashion. I'm confident that I've got the combination to carry loads of goods throughout the winter all on a fraction of what it costs to use the car. Also I'll have mini-adventures every time I need a gallon of milk or loaf of bread.

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Nov 08, 2010
Further Uses
by: Jim Zeiser

I've used the bike several times since I wrote this piece and it's been quite useful as a large purchase machine. What I use it for mostly is acquiring twelve packs of soda pop. It holds two quite easily and can then hold other items on top of those. As it's broken in I've been able to get it up to 35 mph, which is only a few miles an hour short of what the larger engined scooter cruises at so trips don't take much longer than expected. All in all it's been a good little warrior.

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