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Sheila Dalton

Proud SYM HD200 Scooter Owner

Sheila Dalton loves her SYM HD200!

Sheila Dalton and her SYM HD200 scooter picture
Overnight scooter camping rally

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Location: Cincinnati, OH, USA

Scooter Owner Since: 2006

Reasons for Owning a Scooter: Because scootin' is fun!, It's good for the environment, I can save money on gas

How Used: Around town, Back & forth to work

Longest distance I've ridden: Less than 10 miles one way (see 12/29/09 update below)

Fastest speed I've gone: Around 50 MPH

My Story: I loved my Honda Elite scooter, but as my boys got older and bigger, I decided it was time to upgrade to a "250cc" one. I upgraded to a SYM HD200 towards the end of 2008. Since upgrading I have been to several scooter rallies, including Dayton and Columbus Ohio. I enjoy being part of a scooter club in Cincinnati. I love my HD200! It has an enormous amount of power.


Apr 30, 2010 — Nice scoot
by: Yoly

It is also my preferred scoot of choice if I ever upgrade from the Buddy. That and a similar Kymco 250. They look similar, low, steady and sturdy. It is nice "to see" people with their scoots.

Apr 29, 2010 — SYM
by: David

This is my 3rd scooter, I love them. I also have a Red SYM 200 HD. I have ridden as far as 200 miles one way and back. I do not own a car and live only 8 blocks from work. SYM is a top of the line scooter and I'm very pleased with it.

Feb 21, 2010 — Who sells SYM's?
by: Dan

I've been researching your scooter and it sounds like a very nice bike. I'm not going to upgrade for a while, I love the Elite, but I'm curious where you got it? I only know of Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki & Yamaha dealers near me. Also how is the customer support should something go wrong? I've often wondered about where people got their SYMS,Plaggios, Kymcos etc???

Have a blessed Sunday.

Feb 17, 2010 — To Dan
by: Sheila

Come join our scooter forum at

We have folks from all over the greater cincinnati area. The big Cincinnati rally is in early April and you are welcome to come. Look me up in the forum (I just use my first name) and send me a message. Welcome!

Feb 17, 2010 — Hello neighbor
by: Dan

I'm from just north of you up in Hamilton and I love your SYM. There are very few scooters in our area that I've seen. I've just had my new Honda Elite 110 for a few months but am looking forward to participating in some charity rides or joining a club. Maybe I'll see you sometime??

Dec 31, 2009 — Like the SYM!
by: Yoly

I Love my Buddy, but wish I could graduate to a higher powered scoot. They say we should know our limit , and I know that is too much power now. When I change my scooter or add another one (I hate losing money), it would be a SYM, probably that or a 250.

This one on red looks pretty nice, love the design of the front, makes it look more powerful, yet, it is still a scoot.

Did you sell your previous? What was it?

Dec 31, 2009 — Congrats
by: Kathi

Congrats on the new scoot, Sheila! People do love their SYMs. And boy, camping on the scooter sounds like great fun to me. Wish I had the freedom to do so... maybe someday in the future. Anyway, thanks for updating us and letting us "see" you. Smile

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