Scooter Questions Submission Rules

Let me start by saying I'm sorry I've had to institute rules on this site. I realize that in these days of social media, people have gotten into the bad habit of just typing words, without proper capitalization, punctuation, etc. And that's fine in an instant message that no one but you and your recipient is going to see...

But, I've had more than 450 submissions from visitors to my site. That number increases by 10 or 20 every week, and that doesn't count the dozens of new comments I get each week. That's a lot for me to keep up with! And this isn't my only website, plus I do have a freelance writing job and an elderly mother with COPD to take care of... not to mention wanting to actually find time to ride MY scooter!

But I'm not complaining... far from it. I'm really jazzed that so many people love this site and keep coming back, that so many new people find it each day and post their questions for us all to answer. I love that this site has become a popular scooter resource on the Web. It's everything I wanted for the site when I first started building it almost 3 years ago... and more.

However, I am a writer and editor (OK, and maybe a bit of a perfectionist too), and the appalling quality of some of the submissions I get has just about put me over the edge. I want my site to be high quality. I want it to be readable and user-friendly. And I'm sorry, when you fail to write your submissions with even basic grammar, I have to spend time "cleaning it up." I just cannot allow your submissions to go up as written.

So, please... for the sake of quality of our website and the readability of all of the questions and answers here, will you cooperate by following these basic rules?

The Rules

1. NEVER use all caps in your whole question. It's OK to capitalize one or two words at a time, as I have here, to add emphasis. (Although you can also wrap the word in square brackets to make it bold.) All caps are perceived on the Web as shouting, and I don't permit shouting on my website. :) This is probably my biggest pet peeve, because when you type your entire question and/or detail in caps, I have to retype the whole thing. GRRR!

2. Capitalize the first word in each sentence and the word, "I". Please don't be lazy and just type everything in lower case. I can't publish it that way and it's pretty inconsiderate to leave it for me to go back and correct.

3. Punctuate your question and its detail. If you're asking a question, put a question mark at the end. If you're writing a sentence, end it with a period. If you're listing more than 2 things, separate them with commas. I got a submission this week that was just about 200 words with absolutely no punctuation and no capitalization anywhere!

4. Separate your ideas into different paragraphs. No one wants to read a web page that is just one long endless paragraph. The eye quickly tires and your reader may just click off. But I understand that some questions need a lot of explanatory detail. That's fine... just break it into a new paragraph (hit the enter key twice) every now and then. As a rule, you should break into a new para every 4 to 6 lines.

5. Proofread your work before you hit the Submit button. Come on folks... I don't have the money to pay a proofreader and I have to tell you I get really resentful when I have to correct blatant typo after typo in every submission. Read through what you've typed. If you have spell check installed in your browser (and you should), then right click those red underlined words and pick the correct spelling if you can.