Sat Nov. 7, 2009

by Ron Goldwyn
(Milford CT USA)

Last year I was new to scootering, now I'm a know-it-all. Last year I fell off my scooter on my very first ride and learned that one should slow down when making a turn by using the hand brakes.

This year I'm a bit wiser and with two simple modifications my scooter which had a maximum speed of 33MPH now has hit 47MPH and can keep up with normal traffic on main drags.

During this past year I have shared with you my many simple additions to my scooter that makes traveling much more enjoyable.

I started by getting an oversized windshield from an Ebay auction, not because state law required me to have eye protection, but because it also protected my body from possible stones thrown by the rear tires of vehicles in front of me. It also kept me warmer in the cold winds. Lastly it allowed me to mount some of my accessories to the windshield and not drill holes in the body work of the scooter.

Next were the "Z" shaped brackets that allowed me as a 6'+ person to see past my own body in the rear-view mirrors. Then I found that there were certain things I wanted with me at all times, so I added two side saddle boxes that are waterproof and lockable. I also included a 12" wide aluminum deck between the boxes where I can secure a full carton of paper or bags of food.

It took a few times, but now I have an audio system that pleases me. It too was bought on Ebay and allowed me to mount the two speakers in the bottom of the windshield and the radio dead center and just below the windshield. This FM radio also has inputs for playing SD memory cards and USB flash drives. Just above the radio is a manual windshield wiper to use when the windshield's vision becomes obscured.

Other items velcroed in place include the remote control for the radio, a wrist watch used as a clock,a cup holder and now a LED flash light to illuminate the starter switch at night.

I now have a waterproof cigarette lighter outlet available to run electrical accessories or can be used to keep the small battery fully charged when left in my garage, especially in my cold CT winters. There is a pilot light to tell me that I'm about to shove off with my kickstand still in the down position.

My latest addition may also be seen in this site's Mod Page and is a backrest for the driver. It is truly a pleasure to have on both long and short trips.

Not completed yet is a "Poncho" for rainy weather, designed for scooter driver's legs while seated or when waiting at a traffic light. Necessity becomes the mother of invention and I enjoy being comfortable and safer.

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