Review of Sunl 250-22 2007 Scooter

by Javier
(Raleigh, NC)

This Sunl 250-22 scooter was the worst purchase I have ever made. Two thousand dollars nearly down the drain. (I sold it for 12 hundred). What crap! Rust, unreliable, parts falling and/or breaking, this was just within the first 1,000 miles.

Almost makes me angry just listing problems... I'll stop now.

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Mar 28, 2017
not so bad NEW
by: Anonymous

I got mine used and abused for cheap in 2014 with 1500 miles on it. I have went through it completely as i know of it 's history. it has been actually been one of the better scooter that i have owned. I do really take care of mine and it has 3600 miles on it now and very happy with mine

Sep 27, 2016
sl250our intetrested in pla-22 NEW
by: Anonymous

Well, my experience with this scooter was to tear it apart and then morph it into a awesome little raod cart/3 wheeler. Took the motor/rear section and adapted it to a quad front end. So not so bad

Aug 22, 2014
2007 Sunl 250 Scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought mine in Spring of 2008, from start the gas gauge didn't work they send me a new sensor and that one didn't fix the problem either. I have put in about 5100 miles on this scooter and worked fine with minor problems like rear tire Valve stem went bad, head light burned out, fuse to cooling fan went bad, speedometer cable or the gauge has gone bad and now I think muffler has gone bad, it makes loud noise now like a Harley but very annoying. I think it would have been fine if I would have driven it short distances 5 -6 miles each direction with low speed between 25 to 50 MPH, but driving it 18 miles each way to work and back at high speed of 60 MPH, caused the temperature gauge showing hot all the time till finally one day muffler was dragging on the ground after it lost 3 out of four bolts. We also purchased a 150cc BMS scooter at the same time but it only has 2400 Kilometers on that one and all the gauges work and haven't had much problem but again it doesn't get driven as much either. Like I mentioned I think these scooters are great for in town short distance driving but don't expect it to replace your car to ride on daily bases to work and back specially if commute is long distance and you have to go 60 MPH or more.

Mar 27, 2012
Don't buy a NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought a new 2007 Sunl 250 in May of 07, had it shipped to my son's house in Colorado. We moved out there six months later. I put the scooter together and from the start the gas guage didn't work, the battery wouldn't hold a charge, the fuel filter had a crack and leaked gasoline, the front tire went flat every four hours, found out nothing wrong with the tire, the rim had a hole worn thru on the inside. I did manage to put almost 98 miles on it before the radiater fan quit working and it overheated in about 3 blocks. The warranty is only six months and was over before I put it together. They want me to find the serial number somewhere on the engine before they can send me a title. Had it five years now, still has 98 miles and won't run. Happy days, one of the dumbest things I have done is buy a bike from China. Like all their other stuff, it's junk.

Aug 22, 2011
sun l scooters 150cc
by: DJ 360

i have 2 sun l scooters and one works great but the other one had always had a problem since i got it but the new issue with my 150cc sun l scooter is it just lost power it would only go 30 mph but i got it up to 60 before.

so i changed the spark plug changed the oil bought a new battery changed the fuel filter and nothing so i bought a new air filter and now the thing wants to go 65mph so i guess it was the air filter that i had to change because it was all filled with oil and dripping but now not a dam problem with it now. so i hope this will help anyone that has the same problem

Mar 27, 2011
2007 Sunl Scooter
by: Anonymous

I have had very few problems with my 2007 Sunl scooter. It's only a 150cc, but it runs great still. I replaced the coil on it but that was cheap and easy. I strongly disagree that your problems apply to all Sunl scooters. Mine runs great!

May 16, 2010
Sunl Review
by: Izzy

Sunl are famous for falling apart and braking. I own a Roketa 150cc. I've had it for about 3 years and I'm just now starting to have some small problems with it, i.e. drive belt, clutch wore out, valve adjustment, bad stator. Just a bunch of small stuff. If I were you, I would look for a Roketa or a Kymco. They seem to be the best on the market.

May 13, 2010
by: Jim Zeiser

SunLs are renowned for being less than reliable if you don't go over them carefully when new. They have to be given a thorough post delivery inspection to check every nut, bolt and screw for tightness. Also spots on the frame have to be cleaned and painted to prevent rust. I sympathize with you. You should have been warned.

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