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Not all scooter stores are alike. Some specialize in scooters... others sell scooters as just one of the many 2, 3, or 4-wheel vehicles in their inventory. Customer service, selection, price and salesperson expertise can vary widely from store to store.

This page can both give you information based on others' experiences... OR you can contribute your own scooter store review. This section is growing slowly, so if you don't see what you need right now, check back again later... and it just might be here. Smile

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If you can submit a review of a scooter store you know about it your area, it would be great. You see, I don't know much about stores outside of Boise, so any information my readers can help me out with is much appreciated... both by me and by my readers.

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Do you have a scooter store or scooter dealer you can speak firsthand about? If so, that's great... Share it with our site visitors & community!

Tell us all the ins and outs of what you do and don't like about this particular scooter store or online dealer. Please don't bother to leave a review that just says something like, "Great store... highly recommend them!"

We need more info than that... such as the specifics of their customer service, what lines of scooters they carry, do they offer repair/maintenance services, etc. The more info, the better!

And please... be sure to include an address/phone number for the store, as well as their website URL, if you know it.

Other Scooter Store Reviews

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British Images Review - Tomos Brand Scooter Service 
Not a full time Moped Store ( restores old British cars ) only sells TOMOS brand but provides good service will ship anywhere and had the best price I …

Pittsburgh Motor Scooters Store Review 
Likes: Excellent Selection of 50-250cc Lines of Scooters Fast Service Multiple Warranties Available Great Availability of Parts Superb …

Scooters of Boise - Boise, Idaho 
I bought my Genuine Buddy scooter at a scooter specialty store -- the only one in Boise, a city of about 200,000, named Scooters of Boise. There are some …

Wolf Trikes, Scooters & ATV's of Georgia Review Not rated yet
I purchased my Ice Bear 300cc scooter from a private party, which was a mistake. I did months and months of serious in depth research on these and discovered …

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