Lance Phoenix 150cc

by Anonymous

A Lance Phoenix Scooter Model

A Lance Phoenix Scooter Model

I've had good experience with this. I've got 11,500 mi in about 1 1/2 years. I bought it in San Diego, and rode it about a year in the hilly area of north county. I was able to keep it garaged, and it stayed really nice. It scratched easily though.

I relocated to New Orleans and have to keep it out in the weather, and the rust shows through on some metal parts. It is a pain in the a** to change the headlight bulb, which I had to do 2 times so far.

I had the drive belt go at about 10,000 mi, and found a shop that would work on it. It also had the exhaust come loose at the manifold, and the shop was able to fix it. Both fixes were reasonable cost.

I am able to commute on city streets here in the New Orleans area, so it really works well. One has to watch the weather closely here! I get about 90 miles per gallon, about 3 round trips to work on a 1 gallon tank of gas.

The trunk that came with it had a lousy lock system that broke early. I replaced with a mail order trunk that worked great, but was heavier. The whole rack broke last month, so I'm riding with out now. There is little other storage, but a lot can be carried between feet on the floor.

It cost me about $2,500 with taxes and stuff. I figure I've already saved $5 G on gas and depreciation on my Dodge 250 RAM I don't drive as much and it is fun.

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Apr 06, 2018
My Phoenix Lance 150cc NEW
by: Tom Brower

So yesterday I found a 2008 Phoenix Lance for sales on offer up 150cc. 254 recorded miles on it. I was skeptical about the mileage. Not sure if it face was replaced or actual mileage. I took it for a test drive and this thing has some power. It's like riding a automatic motorsycle and as large as it is it looks like a motorcycle. I had a buddy genuine scooter last year. 167,000 miles on it when I sold it. It ran forever but it didn't run like this. Wow!! I looked down and was going 45 in seconds.

Well the battery was dead when I purchased it. So the seller gave me a jump. During the test drive I noticed that the gas level was at E. Not knowing the limits I asked the guy if this would get me to the gas station. He looked at it and said sure.. So I took of on my new scooter that felt like a motorcycle and rides like a cadilac. I made it a block when I ran out of gas....

So I get off, push it to the side of the road and walk a couple miles to the gas station. Get a gallon of water dump it out and fill it with gas and head back to my scooter. You know it costs 3 dollars to fill this thing up you would think the seller would have at least done that. But he did give me a jump so.

Now that led me to my second problem.I filled the scooter with gas and called a buddy who could come over and jump me. Now I've jumped vehicals a thousand times. My wife will let the keys in the ignition and let the battery die all the time. Point being I know how its done. Got the charge out put the connection on and walla the scooters lights all came on and I'm ready to rock, Just as pull the break in to start it everything dies. Guages lights. I looked down to see what jumper cable popped of but none did. I sat there and went over all of it for 20 minutes. Could not figure it out. I decided it was probably a fuse blown. I didn't know the bike and I did not have my tools. I had to again call another buddy to come down with a truck. By the time I got back to Chandler it was 930 at night.
I'm writing this now at 10. I'm getting ready to google the hand book for this thing and dig in and also do an all points check on it. Top To Bottom. Should have done it when I bought it but I was in a hurry cause it was getting dark and I don't like to drive unfamiliar vehicles in the dark..
Hopefully all goes well and I get the fuse fixed and get a new battery today. I'm really hoping this scooter treats me right for a few years because I'm planning on babying it.

Wish me luck.... I'll write another post and let you all know how this turned out.

Oct 06, 2011
NOT a cheap chinese scooter!
by: Yahoo!

I bought my 2008 Lance Phoenix (silver color) in April 2011 amazingly cheap with 752 miles on it. Brought it home to Boulder, CO and it ran very poorly--would stop dead after heating up. Local Sportique shop kept it for 2 weeks and couldn't figure out what was wrong (had a very POOR attitude toward scooters not their Taiwanese brands--kept telling me it was a "cheap" Chinese scooter)--only place to repair it.

I twice took it in and they REFUSED to change out the fuel and vacuum hoses--warned ME not to do it! It's the first thing I did--and it has run PERFECTLY since. I drove it up into the Rocky mountains TWICE--10,300' altitude! I get 70-90 mpg in city traffic, and 90-120 highway.
REALLY! Found it purrs like a kitten with a touch of Octane Booster w/jet fuel in it. LOVE THIS BIKE!

Yes, paint scratches easily, and the trunk lock broke early, but it starts up instantly, and has lots of power to get me out of unexpected situations--most people seeing it coming head-on think it is a full-sized MC. Love the 16" wheels!

Have put 1,500+ miles on it in last 2 months alone. Now relocated to Phoenix--my Phoenix has come "home" to Phoenix. Looking forward to exploring the desert with it. Movers broke my windshield--can't understand people who drive scooters w/o windscreen.

If you find a Lance Phoenix a decent price--BUY IT! Be sure to change out the hoses, as the fuel/vacuum system is critical to these bikes.

Feb 08, 2011
by: Pinky

I got one of these under a different name and all I have to say is that this thing is fun! The MPG is just icing on the cake =3

Mar 19, 2010
Lance Phoenix 150
by: Scooterchick

Wow, 80 MPG is incredible, even on a 150cc. How do you do it?

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