KYMCO People 250S Motor Scooter Review

by Terry K
(Crowley Tx USA)

Kymco People 250S

Kymco People 250S

I've had this scooter since April 2008; it's a 2007 model. To start with, I am a large person 350#+ I have had the scooter over 70 mph and get about 63 mpg around town, have got over 70 mpg on the one road trip I took.

I installed a box and use it for quick trips to the store. The under seat storage is good, easily holding my helmet and light jacket. I also have a big bike and prefer the KYMCO for in town riding.

The only downside I have came across is the speedometer doesn't register correctly... it shows fast when it say 50, you're only doing about 43 but that's easy math to correct.

Over all, I have been very satisfied with this scooter and have recommended it to several people.

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Kymco People 250S Scooter Review

by Dave
(Plano Texas USA)

A Kymco People 250S Scooter

A Kymco People 250S Scooter

I have a new Kymco People 250S motor scooter, which now has about 2000 miles on it. I'm reasonably familiar with all the big name scooters and I think Kymco is a real value. Mine is used for utilitarian purposes and light freeway travel.

However, a lion's share of the road duty is that of a boulevard traffic dart. Mechanically, this scooter is on par with any of the Japanese units. Everything works as it should and has remained that way.

Kymco knows the scooter game well; first off, a hallmark of the People series is the 16" wheels, which is a substantial benefit. It gives a sport bike feel and takes the nasty out of pot holes and such.

This scooter has ample power... If you are a heavy rider, this unit is worth a look. Kymco tends to be fairly utilitarian, no bells and whistles, but lots of function, which was a big draw for me.

Kymco has limited the electronic fuel injection to the touring series and this addition to the People 250 would be a big performance benefit, particularly for controlled idling.

The USA version is identical to the European units, with the exception of the front turn signals that have been added with a bolt on mast. I think this is a result of DOT requirements and it needs to be redesigned. The masts are just bolted to the plastic and if you snag them on something they're gone.

Overall, the Kymco People 250S scooter is a well designed and well built unit.

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2007 Kymco People S250 Review

by Corey
(Atlanta, Ga)

I've had my Kymco People S250 scooter for about 16 months, since gas was approaching $4.00/gallon. I did quite a bit of research prior to the purchase and couldn't find anything negative about Kymcos.

Of course the Italian scooters are the ones mostly on the forefront but they tend to be expensive. Through two summers, my Kymco People has been a very enjoyable and economic ride.

Of course having an automatic transmission is a nice touch so it's very simple to operate. Ergonomically, everything seems to be in the right place and well thought out.

The only issue as other posters have noted is the inaccuracy of the speedometer. I have mounted a GPS so I can get a true reading of my speed. The speedo reads anywhere from 5-8 mph fast.

Brakes are very strong but the seat could use a bit more padding. Rides in excess of 30-40 miles can get a bit uncomfortable. At this point, I've accrued about 7000 miles with the following issues...

The scooter began to lose gas mileage and hesitate. I took it in to the shop and it took them two days to find that a diaphragm in the carburetor had torn. The other issue is a broken speedo/odo cable. Mileage has been between 57-63 mpg depending on what kind of riding is done (highway cruising or city driving). As mentioned in other posts, top speed is about 80 mph.

The Kymco is a perfect scooter for city driving. For any type of extended highway drives, I would opt for at least a 300cc engine or bigger in the future.

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2006 Grey Kymco People s 250 Scooter Review

by Tim
(Anderson, SC)

The scooter has been great for local and medium distance riding. I purchased it to tow with the motorhome but use it every day. I have had no repairs and 3 oil changes and 2 air filters.

Gas and go and love it. My neighbor bought a 250 elite or something and he feels the same way. My wife rides on the back and with a basket I put on helps her back and now enjoys it even more. Great gas mileage and I have had it up to 75 mph for a short time but it cruises great with 2 people(300 lbs+) at 55/60 mph.

I haul it on a utility trailer and is easy to load and unload but a negative is I have had trouble on long hauls with the air filter getting wet with gas.

I have to replace or air out the filter before it will start. Another negative is repair shops in my area are not there. I have a 50 minute haul to the distributor from where I live and also getting parts had been hard but may be from the dealer, just not sure.

The 250 gets up quick and runs great and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was cheaper then the Vespas, and italian bikes and had a 2 year warranty, which I never used. I have looked at the 500's but the wife......

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Kymco People 250 (2006) Scooter Review

by Gabriel
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

I don't like the fact that the seat is in two heights sections on my Kymco People 250, with the back section higher than the front. Should be even all the way across so you can scoot your butt all the way back if you're tall like me.

As many have complained, the gas gauge is a joke.

I love the 16" wheels. Safer...

Speed and acceleration are very good for getting in and out of traffic.

I removed and forgot I even had the windshield. Are we not in America? Are we not men? Europeans love that stuff...

Living in Las Vegas, the scooter dies at stops when the temperature reaches above 105, unless you keep the throttle revved and the brake on. Bummer...

All in all, I really like the scooter, which is basically a motorcycle with a scooter body. I love to see the expression of riders next to me at a stop light riding 49cc scooters. Hehehehehe....



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