Jonway 49cc 2009 Scooter Review

by TEX
(on the back roads, TEXAS)

Brand New Oct 2009

Brand New Oct 2009

I bought this scooter in Oct 2009. I liked the style and the color. I test rode one of these at a scooter dealer in Dallas, Texas. It takes a lot to get me to go to Dallas, I hate city traffic.

I liked the feel and it seemed powerful enough for what I wanted to use it for. And that is driving to work and saving the wear and tear on my newer vehicle. I started saving up to buy one.

As I started saving up, I noticed the prices kept coming down. When I first started looking at this scooter, the price started out at $1,499.00. And within a month I noticed the prices dropping down to $800.00. I was saving and hoping that the price wouldn't go up before I had a chance to go buy one.

Before I knew it, the price got down to $699.00. I was within two weeks of taking that drive back to Dallas with the cash in my hand. I still kept watching and looking at all the websites that sold this style of scooter.

One morning before I went to work I saw an ad listed from a place (in Dallas) for scooters $499.00. I clicked on that ad and behold there was the scooter I have been saving for at the cheapest price for a new scooter put together and tested.

The next day I had off work I took all the cash I had and drove to Dallas... I got the scooter for $679.00 tax, title and licensed. I loaded it up and bought it home. I drove it for 23 miles before I realized that the gas gauge went the opposite way and I was on empty instead of full.

They only put a little gas in it to tune it up and test it. I thought it was a full tank. So already I liked the gas mileage. If it goes 23 miles on empty, it must go forever on full. I liked the feel and handling on the roads I was driving. It took just a little getting used to the turns slowing down... seemed funny because it didn't seem I was going that fast.

So on this Jonway scooter review so far... I like the style. I liked the handling. I like the power the little 49cc engine has. And the price $499.00 plus TTL amounting to $679.00. The only thing I didn't think about was the insurance. But I found it to be cheap enough at around $110.00 a year.

If this scooter only lasts a couple years, I feel it was a good investment. As I continue to look online, I'm seeing upgrades and nice looking parts to keep it running a long long time. I went to eBay and bid on a trunk/top case. I got it for a total of $26.89 including shipping. (I love eBay)

It's still not here yet, but I am hoping that the color matches my scooter. And I think having the trunk on the scooter makes the scooter appear larger. (So I don't look like a big man on a toy).

If anyone says these cheap scooters are a piece of junk, it might be because they never rode one. And if they do break down, the parts are cheap enough to get online, or eBay.

As I ride this scooter, I will keep everyone updated. I plan on riding it again today. Maybe a longer trip. I want to get it broke in so I can get the oil changed. I know it's only got a few miles on it and things haven't happened to it yet for a good review. This is just the first one so far. Until the next time stay safe, and watch out for big dogs.

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Sep 29, 2016
Replacement Parts NEW
by: Liane Lopez

Where can yoy find parts for the 49cc jonway scooter? I need a whole new fron body part.

Sep 15, 2015
rushanessay NEW
by: Steve

Academic writing ain't easy as it seems. With this service it will become easier. Try now!

Aug 08, 2015
Jonway 150cc NEW
by: Darla

Loved it at first but after about 6 months all kinds of issued started. Have to replace the spark plug about every 6 months and the manual is a full two pages of nothing. Makes repairs rather hard when trying to figure out things on my own. It's in the garage right now, just sitting there with a wonderful fuel leak in the line.

Jun 21, 2011
Wasp 150
by: Gary G.

Just got a Wasp 150 (2010 model)new, for fathers day. Checked it out. Seems like high quality and is very powerful. Cruises easy @ 45 mph, scared to go any faster, for now. Everything works and i love it. Only wish now would be for my old 74 Suzuki GT 750 WaterBuffalo.

Jun 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Mine looked just the one on this page, I didn't break it in right and end of summer and over 2k miles was getting oil from the air filter, had to replace the right starter/break light switch and master cylinder ( think I accidentally ran it dry?).

From day one I ran it wide open without any issue but speedo cable then break in tune up and I could berry mine to 55mph, tucked in and drafting behind a school bus, and I weigh about 300 pounds!!

I miss my ride, lost it in move, no room for it. But I do plan on getting another one though, hopefully this year too! lol
that scoot was awsome, not as peppy as a vespa but higher top end than a ZUMA! lmao, that guy was mad, more so after i tucked in and left him so far behind i couldnt see him in 2 miles!! lmao

Feb 21, 2011
Jonway Agility scooter
by: Anonymous

I have a 2010 Jonway Agility scooter with 2,000 miles on it. I want to ride it across the USA... would it make it across the USA and back?

Feb 15, 2011
What is the top speed?
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am looking into buying a Jonway. I just would like to know how fast I could go on one being that I am only about 140 ponds. Is it at all possible that I could get up to the low forties?

Feb 09, 2011
Jonway Scooters are NOT ZAP or ZAP Zapino models
by: Anonymous

Since the merger of ZAP & Jonway Auto group many people are getting confused.

ZAP did NOT MERGE with Jonway Motorcycle group.

Jonway makes its own product SEPARATELY from the ZAP company.

Any review here is for Jonway products Not ZAP products.

ZAP products (when Available) will be reviewed under their own heading.

Dec 22, 2010
by: scotin for life

the 2010 jonway agildy 50cc is the way to go i love my scooter they are vary dependable scooter i have 2,200 miles on my jonway. you could travel across the USA and back without problems they don't have vary good front shocks. but it is a lot cheaper than going out and buying a honda scooter

Aug 04, 2010
Lots of fun
by: Tracy

I have been riding my scooter for two months and I love it. It is fun to ride, goes about 30 miles per hour and gets over 70 mpg. I am so glad that I only paid $599 before tax and license instead of thousands for a Vespa. I have already gotten my money's worth. One lesson that I learned is that you need to start it or ride it every day or two. Also put STP or B-12 gas treatment in the engine for the carboretor. Great fun and a great value.

Jul 22, 2010
OWNER- 50cc 2009 Jonway Agility Scooter
by: Jason M.

Cool review. I just bought a 2009 Jonway Agility scooter. I love it. One thing to be very careful with. When taking left turns and if the kickstand grinds-WATCH OUT!! I did it too much and it snapped a bolt in the frame that holds the motor on.

Take that dumb kickstand (the big one) off. Trust me! VERY DANGEROUS! Thank god I wasn't going fast when it happened. I fixed it myself w/ a bolt from a hardware store. COST-$2.00, which took 20 minutes to fix.

Besides that, it's been great! I have 1009 miles on mine and drive it everyday! Hopefully a lot more miles to come! For the money, you can't beat em!

Jul 11, 2010
I just got a Jonway
by: Christopher Lade

Hey there,

Great review! I just got a Jonway 150 cc, so please keep updating your page about repairs and what usually goes first -- I would appreciate it! I rode it around all last night and I love it -- lots of kick, and fun to drive.

Jul 02, 2010
Thanks for the review
by: alexis

Thank you for the review on your new scooter. I have been thinking about buying this scooter online but was nervous because I have never heard of this brand. The price is right and I think I will go for it!

Dec 18, 2009
A ride around the block
by: Anonymous

Webmaster note: This video takes a minute or two to load, so if it doesn't play right away, wait for it and try clicking the play arrow again.


Dec 17, 2009
What a Bargain!
by: Kathi

Wow, Tex... Your scoot sure sounds like a great bargain. I can't believe you paid so little for it and are so pleased with it so far. I hope it works out well for you over the long run too. Congrats, and thanks for writing such a thorough review!

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