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Jim Zeiser

Proud Eagle Milano 150DX Owner

Jim Zeiser loves his Eagle Milano!

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Location: Deposit, NY, USA

Scooter Owner For: 1 year

Reasons for Owning a Scooter: I can save money on gas

How Used: Around town

Longest distance I've ridden: 25 to 50 miles one way

Fastest speed I've gone: Around 50 MPH

My Story: It's like riding a go kart on the highway. I have a motorcycle and this is so much different just twisting and going for groceries or seeing the countryside.

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Updates by Jim

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July 16, 2011 
Go ahead and laugh all you Chinese scooter stone throwers. I found the cause of my oil leak on the Milano. After putting up with it for a year I finally …

I just spent a long day in the garage checking and adjusting the valves on my Milano. The sun was blazing hot when I started the job near midday, so I …

Sepember 13, 2009 
As you will read elsewhere I went for a ride to the top of a local mountain. What I didn't mention is that it's been a thousand miles since my engine …

This a story I wrote in Scootdawg about a ride I took on Wednesday. I titled it "Today's Ride" I had some business and shopping to take care of today, …

Today is the scooter's first anniversary of being assembled and started. It's been used many times even though it only has 1750 miles on it. As a grocery …

April 16, 2011 
The price of gas has been draining my wallet but with winter sticking around, there wasn't much I could do about it. I had to drive the car to work. This …

November 25, 2011 Not rated yet
Despite a broken bone in my hand I'm still riding the scooter. It's crossed 6,000 miles and still running well. The weather is getting colder here and …

October 8, 2011 Not rated yet
Not that it's a huge jump in mileage but the Milano turned 5,800 miles yesterday. It's still running like a charm and getting around 70 mpg. I have to …

August 26, 2011 Not rated yet
Sadly because of a mistake I made putting the Milano together it's still leaking oil. I have a new head gasket sitting on the shelf and I'll do the job …

June 6, 2011 Not rated yet
I'm really rolling now. The Milano crossed 4,000 miles and is getting close to 4,300 as we speak. I took the Big Ruckus into Binghamton for a doctor's …

November 21, 2010 Not rated yet
As I described in my earlier adventures, the Milano isn't the only scooter I've been running around on. I've also sampled the rarified world of Japanese …

8/3/2010 Not rated yet
I've been busy the last week and a half working on the Milano, doing routine and not so routine maintenance. It recently developed an oil leak so I always …

April 4, 2010  Not rated yet
It was finally a warm day here in the frozen north and I decided it was high time to drag the scooter out of its cave. I had started it a few weeks ago …

November 24, 2009 Not rated yet
I hadn't done anything resembling a gas mileage check on the moped since I got it so I thought it was about time. The tank only holds about a gallon and …

November 12, 2009 Not rated yet
After yesterday's successful outing on the moped with the cargo box it was time to hit the road again. As everybody knows, a busy family is always in need …

November 3, 2009 Not rated yet
As I noted in my last update the scooter received a new drive belt but all it had gotten was short hops into Town for milk and egg runs. I wanted to find …

October 20, 2009 Not rated yet
I had a little mystery with the Milano and it was driving me crazy. One day I started it up and it gave off a little screech and would vibrate as I rode …

August 28, 2009 Not rated yet
I took the scooter in for its first annual motor vehicle inspection. With only 2065 miles it passed with no problem. The owner of the garage doing the …

August 17, 2009 Not rated yet
I had just changed the oil, the weather was hot and steamy so....what to do with the scooter? Road Trip! I had an errand to run that required picking up …

June 30, 2009 Not rated yet
It's been a reasonably busy monh for me. While I've only gone 400 miles since I fixed the scooter it's done some pretty good trips. A couple of 50 milers …

July 21, 2009 Not rated yet
Since I replaced the valve springs I've gone 500 miles, time to check the valve clearances. Except for the intake valve which opened up .001 (nothing really) …

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