Is a Gator 150cc Scooter Any Good?

by Greg
(Atlanta, GA USA)

I'm thinking about buying a Gator 150 scooter and am wondering if they are any good?

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Jan 15, 2018
by: Anonymous

These scooters are slow

Dec 02, 2013
Gator 150t NEW
by: Ray - Lake City, FL

I bought it from a friend 2 months ago for $50. He paid a couple hundred for it and put a couple hundred into it trying to get it fixed at a local bike shop he kept taking it back to and was never able to get the thing to run for more than a day.

I spend a weekend cleaning the bike up,(body, electrical, tightening all the bolts after putting lock washers on all of them, a new exhaust gasget and found a website to get any needed parts where I purchased lighted turn signal mirrors for $32). I've put a couple hundred miles on it since then and have no problems with it. I use it to get around town and for going to work. I get about 200 miles on $8 of gas. Best $50 I ever spent on transportation.

Feb 10, 2013
price NEW
by: Anonymous

Where did you get one for $350?

Oct 19, 2012
Fairly Cheap To Buy NEW
by: Anonymous

I just found a new model Gator for $350!! Definitely buying this one. It's hard to find a cheap scooter that doesn't have mechanical or electrical problems. They don't look bad either.

Jul 05, 2012
by: Anonymous


Apr 29, 2012
gator 150cc super edition NEW
by: steve

they suck and i hated them from the first month i owned mine.

Dec 31, 2011
What a crock! NEW
by: Anonymous

I purchased a Gator 150 Shanghi and have had nothing but issues after issues. Got it from a guy who sells them from his house somewhere in Glennville, Ga but the home comapny is from Norcross, Ga. They guy would take it back to his house to fix it and would take weeks to get it back. They moved and someone "stole" my scooter from his new yard, no police report was filed when discovered. They wouldnt return my calls prior to locating my scooter. And when I got it back they still didnt fix all the issues.. electric starter relay switch is busted for the second time and the seat has holes in it they patched with tape and my mirror has scratches all over it! The battery is completely dead and I have no clue as to where it is or how to replace it once I find another one. If I can even find a replacement battery........

Dec 20, 2011
gator 150 NEW
by: Ray

does anyone know if they are street legal in california? can they be carb certified? thank you so much!!!

Oct 07, 2011
150cc special adition
by: steve

I'll never buy another gator.. like many have said no where can u buy oem parts.and the scooters i bought brand new have lost more bolts and broken brackets I have ever seen on a scooter. don't buy gator scooters..

Sep 26, 2011
scooter life
by: jthurman

i have a 150 gator and have put over 3500 miles on it in just a lil over 5 months. i love this scooter but have had a small problem with parts vibrating loose and now my muffler mounts are breaking so ill have to replace that.overall id say this is a great scooter it starts every time and runs up to 62 miles an hour with me (245 lbs) on it.the only thing i do not like is that i can not find a manual for it and there are no diagrams online for it either.

Jul 24, 2011
Good Scooter
by: Lacy

I own one had it a year it's a great buy just got a new carb put on mine for 85 bucks.

Jun 27, 2011
Just bought one
by: Andi

I guess I'm a little disappointed. I bought an '09 Touring model(sold as new from dealer) with 3 miles on it. After just a few miles, I'm not thrilled with the suspension, power, or electrical quirks. I am planning on following some good assembly advice here and doing a ground-up "rebuild" this weekend. Hopefully after the upgraded fluids and parts it will improve.

Mar 04, 2011
gator 150
by: dradco

These scooter slammers gotta be kidding.i bought mine in 2008 and i have 2 other brands but looks m\wise the gator is the sharpest but performance wise.i have over 3300 miles on it.i just put it in for a tune up yesterday.this scooter is the most dependable and for the 150 class its the fastest of my 3 and it always starts on a dime.great gas,low maintance,and great looking .also the price was very attractive.the only negitive issue i have found was the saddle seat hinge plastic hinge brike at about 2000 miles and i had to rig it up.have had a chance to look for a new saddle yet.grading it 1 to 5 ,5 being the best score,i would grade it at a 4.25.You may find scooters that are as good but you will be hard pressed to find one that is better overall.Hope my input helps.

Oct 16, 2010
by: Anonymous


Oct 10, 2010
Need a manual
by: Moses Nesco

I love this little bastard. I'm the only one within a 25miles radius that rides around on a yellow one. I bought from some place in Norcross, but no warranty or manual came with it. Screws have been coming of it like crazy, luckily I am mechanically inclined to remedy the problems. I logged 2000 plus miles on it. Pretty good value for money.

Oct 06, 2010
i like emm
by: chuck

i have one iwould like a owners manual the prob i have is my lights go dim untill brakes are applied then they get bright any ideas??seems to be a ground prob its a great bike only 626 miles

Jul 22, 2010
gator 150cc
by: guddha up

Gator scooter (bike), whatever you want to call it, it's the best 150cc I have ridden, I love it, speed is excellent, I had minor issues, but the person I bought it from stands behind his bike.

When I bought it, it had 1 mile on it, now I put 103 miles on it, I can't wait to get that first oil change, so I can really see the speed...

30 or 40 miles you are still flying, wow! Now I got to get an official helmet, I'm tired of bugs hitting me in my face...


Jun 28, 2010
Check Under the Floorboards
by: Anonymous

I'm not familiar with the Gator, but a lot of scooters (maybe all?) have their batteries under the floorboard of your scooter. You'll have to lift the mat to see it. You can try that anyway...

Jun 27, 2010
Where is the battery
by: Anonymous

I'm trying to locate the battery on scooter

Apr 21, 2010
I can't find my Spark plugs
by: Antonya Begay

I just can't find them. I have a Velocity 150cc and can't find the darn spark plugs.

Feb 05, 2010
by: Red gardner

I ordered 5 scooters from Global Imports out of either Conyers or Norcross Ga. 4 weeks after they were promised I got 4 scooters , one of which was damaged, and one of the five missing PLUS the fourth one being the wrong size.
These people are total rip offs.The 4 scooters I recieved wren't even Gator scooters . they were 'VIP WORLD CHAAMPIONS I have been lied to several times by Tonya and Greg and Mel the people I talked to over the phone trying to get this all straightened out.
Ben matthews was the sales man for the company and He QUIT.
This company sell parts under the name 'Leap -parts'1-888 651-5869
Their E mail address is
Greg the president of the copny-his cell # is678-929-4057.

Jun 08, 2009
Gator 150
by: Jake

What's up man. I have a Gator 150cc and I love it. Speed is good on it, plenty of room for me and my sweet honey's. Pretty good on gas and reasonably priced. I bought mine from a guy it was an 07 and had 300 miles on it for 700 bucks. I have about $2000 in it now from flip flop paint to alligator skin seat, stereo, and alarm. This turd is my baby. The title says Shan. So that is actually the name not Gator. Wear a helmet player and blast your horn!

Jun 08, 2009
Gator 150
by: Jake

What's up man. I have a Gator 150cc and I love it. Speed is good on it, plenty of room for me and my sweet honey's that want to wrap their arms around the waist of a real man. Pretty good on gas and reasonably priced. I bought mine from a guy it was an 07 and had 300 miles on it for 700 bucks. What a loser!!!! I have about $2000 in it now from flip flop paint to alligator skin seat, stereo, and alarm. This chinese turd is my baby. The title says Shan. So that is actually the name not Gator but it is tizite. Wear a helmet player and blast your horn at all the beeeitchezzz.....

Apr 29, 2009
Gator scooters
by: Anonymous

Yeah, they're not bad. Overall build quality (body/frame) is good for a chinese made machine. They're quiet and use the same GY6 engine as LOTS of different types of vehicles. Transmission is automatic, just has a belt (kind of a pain) that has to be replaced every ahh... 2 - 8 thousand miles depending on how hard it's ridden. Other than that, the engines run nicely, have a decent amount of power, parts are readily available, and their brakes are plenty strong enough.

Apr 09, 2009
Gator Reviews Hard to Find
by: Kathi

Hi Greg, Thanks for posting this question. I did a quick Internet search and couldn't find any reviews on the Gator brand scooters, but perhaps one of my other readers will be able to enlighten you...

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