How do I determine and fix the cause of my 50cc scooter dying when it idles?

by Sarah Bennett
(North Las Vegas, NV)

My 2010 TaoTao scooter is refusing to idle and quickly dies if I don't continue to give it a little gas while I'm at a stand still (this makes it hard to text at red lights since I have to constantly keep one hand on the brake and the other on the throttle).

I'm thinking it's the carburetor and it needs cleaning or adjusting. However, I don't know how to do this myself and I've yet to find the right information in enough detail to walk me through this process.

But my mechanic is just too expensive to go to without even attempting to diagnose the issue on my own first. Is there someone who can maybe walk me through the steps of removing the carburetor and getting it cleaned out and replaced?

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Aug 16, 2016
instant fix 7$at most NEW
by: Anonymous

turn to manual petcock. provides more gas instinct fix for these engines it's weird. mine started to do it again. I did a valve adjustment the main reason why this happens normally. it did nothing. took my fuel enricher off it works fine now.

Aug 08, 2016
Fuel cap venting problem NEW
by: Anonymous

My new tao quantum tour 150 does that all the time if gas tank is to full. I called the dealer and he said a common issue that dont fill it so much and loosen the fuel cap. He said that it's a fuel cap venting problem....that did it...good luck!

May 06, 2012
check hoses NEW
by: cjbiker

Same Situation here. Turned out to be a dry cracked hose which created an airflow problem! I turned the throttle several times and numerous other things B4 I found out. I never get on my phone when I am driving......any vehicle

May 06, 2012
tao tao NEW
by: Anonymous

my girlfriends 2011 tao tao just had the same problem. its only got 1500miles. we tryed everything. ended up being the exhaust valve was too tight and didnt open properly. like how it will die if you hold your finger in the tailpipe. cost 40 at the shop. also had the smog control taken off and welded shut and the jet open up a bit. runs like a scolded dog now downhill like 90 100 kph

Oct 30, 2011
how to properly clean your carb
by: Cody

You can probably fix this problem by turning up the idle, but you would be able to text (i feel ya). If you do this it would just be the same, but only one hand on the brake and your other hand free. If you cleaned out the gas filter and that didn't help (probably should use carb cleaner DON'T USE AN ENGINE STARTER FLUID) then clean the carb, it's quite simple as long as you take your time and stay organized. First take off the seat and loosen up all connections, should only be the throttle cable, electric choke, and gas line. Obviously you have to detach the carb from the air box and the intake manifold (on the other side of the carb from the air box). start with the top of the carb, undo the two screws and be sure to hold the top part because it has a spring in there and it will fly. If you want take pictures step by step so you don't forget what it looked like and where something went. Take it of slowly take the diaphragm of GENTLY and be very careful with the needle. (when you put the diaphragm back in make sure its in the slot around the edges exactly!) spray it all down with carb clean ONLY and look for any signs of dirt. after that flip it over and undo the four (maybe three) screws. once you've removed the bottom of the carb and the rubber gasket, again put back in the exact spot designated when re-assembling, there should be two little things in the middle (jets). You take these off with a flat-head and you should be able to look through both of these. If not then spray a good amount of carb cleaner in a small bowl or something to submerge it and let it sit over night. if you have a wire brush you can attempt to take one of the wires out and unclog it. Don't worry about the white or black plastic peace. Spray the whole inside of the carb including the intake and manifold side of the carb, make sure there is no dirt and if you have bad eyes then get a magnifying glass out no lie. make sure there is no dirt in there. after that put everything back together in the exact opposite way you took it apart and you should eliminate all of the carb issues if done right. make sure to put both of the gaskets in the exactly spots and they stay in that position until their fastened. Also remember to only use carb cleaner.

Sep 12, 2011
cam overhead could be cracked
by: Chris

the cam overhead is a chamber literally overhead of the cam, like a large angled hose with an injector inside it. sometimes these can become cracked, when this happens too much air gets in the mix and the engine will stall very easily. common problem but hard to find parts sometimes, good thing most Chinese scooters have allot of common parts.

Aug 31, 2011
by: Loosegrit

Look on top of the carburetor (under the sit remove the small door) you will find a small screw with a spring under it. This is your idle adjust; turn it to the right slightly while your scooter is running and you will increase your idle.

Aug 26, 2011
clean fuel filter
by: Anonymous

try checking the fuel filter sometimes they get clogged easy have the same scooter and it happened to me.

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