How can we address our electrical problems with a Sunny scooter?

by Alec
(Saint Joseph, MO)

My girlfriend got a Sunny 50QT-6A scooter, so she could have something to drive that was cheap on gas. The first week we got it, we noticed the left handle was woefully attached, and you could rotate it around the actual handle (rotate the brake assembly and mirror mount).

It was all right, but after that first day, that rotation started to short out the headlight and speedometer lights. Still tolerable, just fairly difficult to make sure the handle didn't rotate and shut off the lights.

Then, she fell a bit on it. It was at a stop, but it just kinda toppled and knocked the front left blinker out and off, cracked the left mirror, but other than that, nothing serious (I guess the engine shut off switch got mangled a bit, but after fixing it a bit, seems fine).

She was then afraid to drive it for quite some time, and I unthinkingly didn't go out and start it every once in awhile. When it came time to, it obviously wouldn't start, until after some seriously concerted effort, I got it running without anything special.

Now though, when exiting our rather steep driveway onto the road (I'd say maybe 40' angle to a 35' downhill) it dies after exiting the driveway. No big deal, as it usually just starts right back up. Still new though, and it does die when on steep hills unless you rev a bit, like at a light, etc.

Biggest issue is that the handle, after she fell, got even more loose. Was still drivable, but the light just refuses to stay on sometimes. JUST now, however, I tried to pull it out of the driveway, the headlights and speedo got exceptionally bright, then went out. Thought it'd just blew the bulbs, but after pulling back in and fiddling, the speedo came right back on.

The headlight however didn't. I figured the bulb was burnt, but then found that the light STILL WORKS when set to highbeams. Then, after deciding the trip could be made with brights on without too much trouble, she left, and came home not 30 seconds later.

The lights had gone out for good, and now I can't get them on at all. The turn signals and all other lights work, but the speedo and headlight won't, no matter how hard I try. I'm not familiar with rewiring anything, so I don't even know where to start.

I tried to search both Google and here, but I could barely find anything on this model of scooter, let alone this specific problem. If someone could at least point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.

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Oct 16, 2014
Scooter Perchased With Problems NEW
by: George Schreiner

To Whom Concerned,

I'm the owner of the scooter purchased from you 09/12/2012 which had some shiping damages when it arrived but I settled with a new carbirator for the savings of shiping cost for you send another as replacement, I knew it would cost you less. I've only been riding it about 10 mths. now. Due to medical problems and licience testing for that I'd to wait for release well as more time to get addition on that to drive the scooter on there. Since I've been riding the scooter though I've had problems with the battery staying charged and the speedometer working, that all seem as though I didn't hook up somthing but I can't see it. I've looked in here to find the information that I need to address all but haven't found it, I see so many listings on all your vehicles. I'd like to get the infromation I need. My e-mail address is; please send me a letter on the matter there with a breaf overview or summary of the book you recomend for the matter. I'd really like to get all this settled so it'll opperate correctly.

Thank you,

George Schreiner

Apr 13, 2013
no head light on new scooter ? NEW
by: Anonymous

got new scooter yesterday headlights don't work also no authorized signature on title

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