How can I make my 4 stroke, 50cc yamaha vino a bit faster?

by Lee
(Chapel Hill, NC)

How can I make my 4 stroke, 50cc Yamaha Vino run a bit faster? Without harming the engine, of course. Everywhere I look says there's no way since its a 4 stroke. There has to be a way. It's a machine.

Any suggestions?

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Sep 01, 2016
How to make a yamaha vino XC50 4T go faster (top speed) cheap NEW
by: Anonymous

If you've ever done work on boards, go to magnum tuning where they sell a programmable rev limiter for $165 and install it yourself. If not, I would take the part with your cdi to a computer repair shop, not the mechanic. This is delicate board work and no mechanic is going to turn down a job if they have the expertise or not. Heck he'd probably do the same thing and charge you an extra hour labor.take them the instructions and tech support #. Change to the NGK irridium spark plug(CR7E). Remove the restrictor fron the back of the air filter. Don't forget to unhook the negative battery terminal when making any changes. This makes the computer "relearn". This will increase top speed, but you'll notice that if you go too far it will stall. At this point if you want to go faster, it'll cost at least $300 and that's if you do the install.

Sep 01, 2016
How to make a yamaha vino XC50 go faster uphill cheap NEW
by: Anonymous

On the cheap, you can add tourque and go alot faster up hills by doing the following:relace the rollers with 4g sliders, remove the restrictor plate from the back of the air filter, remove the negative battery terminal and install a NGK irridium spark plug(replace the negative battery terminal). This will add a couple of mph up those hills. for another $100 a company in thailand makes a good big bore kit if you can install it yourself; otherwise you pay for 2hrs labor. Again no top speed, but now almost 10mph gain up hills. Now you can do 25mph anywhere. And don't worry about timing and such. As long as it is installed properly, the cdi takes care of all of that(the beauty of electronically controlled versus mechanically controlled). If you've replaced a starter you can do this.Remember to disconnect and reconnect neg. battery terminal with any changes. This makes the computer "relearn".

Sep 01, 2016
What I would do NEW
by: Anonymous

You wanna be happy with this thing? Here's what I would do. Get online and find the 60cc big bore kit that ships free from taiwan for less than $100. Go to advance auto and order a NGK CR7E irridium spark plug($8). Get online and order the Dr. Pulley 4g sliders 15X12($16). Install the sliders and the spark plug and remove the negative battery terminal. Get a new lithium ion battery and see if it starts. If not, take it to your nearest Yamaha Certfied Mechanic and have them assess the problem with the electrical. Then either have them fix it and install the big bore kit or sell it for peanuts to someone willing to do the work themselves. If you want top speed, ask if your mechanic can install a programmable rev limiter(magnum tuning $165). You'll be pleased as punch I bet. Let us know. Or for cheap just stay displeased by replacing the kickstarter

Sep 01, 2016
How to make a yamaha vino XC504T ALOT faster NEW
by: Anonymous

Athena(Italy) makes a 75cc big bore kit. Rolling Wrench shows this on a zuma on youtube. This would give you TONS more horsepower, but you just sacrificed your ceramic plated block and aluminum piston. But 8750 rpms now gets you up that same hill at the same speed as those other changes. No one could ever prove you changed this either, as the outside looks the same. Problem is, you're still limited top speed without the programmable rev limiter. I also can't find any bolt on muffler upgrades, which might be necessary. Rolling Wrench has one on the zuma(again not street legal in the US now).But you'd go as fast as the 2Ts for racing with all of these chages. I personally would just remove the intake restricor from the back of the air filter, but some are saying drill baby drill holes around the air inlet for more airflow. No upgraded intakes i could find.

Sep 01, 2016
Vino 4t dead NEW
by: Lee again

So, I removed the plate on the air filter and noticed improvements. Now this current problem is unrelated. When I turn the key, no lights turn on so I presume it's electrical. I charged the battery and replaced the spark plug but still nothing. It will kick start however the kickstarter recently broke. A small piece of metal flew out of it as I was riding and now it doesn't catch. Any ideas before I drop it off at the shop?

Sep 01, 2016
How to make a yamaha vino XC504T go faster NEW
by: Anonymous

So why did you stall? Now you're running too lean. Magnum Tuning sells a programmable tuner that fools the air flow O2 and exhaust sensors into allowing more fuel through the injector. Now you traded the fuel economy for torque. You now can go up a hill without straight Fred Flintstoning it! This part costs $300. You can now travel close to 55mph on the flat and pull the steepest of hills at 25mph and you're not breaking any laws(including emissions) or breaking you're scooter. The only thing you broke was the bank. This scooter is so good that replacing anything besides the rollers for sliders in the variator would just be a waste of money in the tranny unless you're looking for race speeds, and then you would be talking a big bore kit!?

Sep 01, 2016
How to make a yamaha vino XC50 4-stroke faster NEW
by: Anonymous

Now that you know weather it is legal for you to improve the top speed, let's consider what is illegal to do that can improve your top speed. FEDERALLY it is illegal to modify the exhaust system in any way. Yes this includes removing the speed limiting washer from the older models, so don't feel bad for buying a 4T EFI. Those faster 2Ts all get impounded. Those older scooters were restricted mechanically, so mechanical things can be removed or changed, but the carb changes damage the motor over time. You have a ceramic plated, aluminum pistoned beast of a motor that could make 11Krpms all day and ask for more, so why won't it. Your scooter is electronically limited through the cdi. There's a quartz on a chip like in a watch that limits the rpms to 8750(39mph for Japan). Magnum tuning sells a programmable rev limiter for $165. You take the quartz from your cdi and solder it onto this device, that then gets soldered to the original quartz posts. Now you can choose your rpms, but now your scooter will stall.

Sep 01, 2016
how to make a yamaha vino XC50 4T go faster NEW
by: Anonymous

First, you have to understand what is and is not restricting the top speed and horsepower. It used to be that the answer to any question about a problem was money. Now the answer is either money or computers. This scooter is designed to go as fast as possible with the most fuel efficiency that can be squeezed out without compromising quality. It really is the best scooter on the market. So, why only 40mph? Japan is one of the largest markets and the law for scooters there is 40mph. In the US the only FEFDERAL law is that it must be under 50cc. But, each state, city, and jurisdiction has it's own laws, and, I've found that most jurisdictions regulate speed to 40mph and you may not ride on roads with 45mph speed limits. You may cross these roads however, leading to great access to most places. Federal law also states that no license, registration, or title is needed. Some jurisdictions require even a motorcycle license, so check with your court house.

Aug 21, 2016
I learned a few things yesterday NEW
by: Anonymous

FOUR STROKES ARE NOT FOR MODS! I don't know exactly why this isn't all over the internet. If you want to go fast on a 50cc that looks decent, buy an Aprilia 2T. You can mod that sucker to go 75mph. I just wanted to go 45mph without having to have a motorcycle licensce and tags.
So here's what I learned; Japan is one of the biggest markets for these things and in Japan the law is that a 50cc scooter can't go over 39mph(kinda like why all the 50cc scooters are really 49.9cc for USA). That's why any restrictions were ever made to any 50cc scooter and only 50cc scooters have restrictions. Four-strokers have no restrictions because they can't go fast enough already. These things are made for the Japaneese and Europeans that are concerned with fuel economy and reliability.

Aug 20, 2016
someone please help us!? NEW
by: Anonymous

1. Remove the restricter plate from the air filter. 2. Buy and install the Dr. Pulley variator with 4g sliders and clutch with different springs and performance belt. 3. Buy the 60cc big bore kit and install. 4. Buy an irridium spark plug and install. 5. Have someone invent a performance exhaust system and CDI for this vehicle, because steps 1-4 only increase top speed by 2-3mph.

I can now go up hills at 30+mph that I could only go 19mph, but this thing is either mechanically or electronically governed. Even the THAIs couldn't tell me how to fix this thing.

Jul 16, 2016
That video you watched is for a 15 year old 2 stroke. NEW
by: Anonymous

That video you watched is for a 15 year old 2 stroke.

Jul 16, 2016
2014 vino has no variator restriction NEW
by: Anonymous

Your Vino has no variator restriction:

You can make it go faster by taking the metal plate off the dirty side of your air filter and swapping out your stock roller weights for 4 gram Dr. Pulley Sliders. Disconnect the negative lead to your battery while you are doing this. It will cause your ECU to reset. Give it a couple hundred miles for the sliders to fully seat

Jul 16, 2016
2014 Yamaha vino classic 50 NEW
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know how to take the restrictions off this thing? It's supposed to go 45 (supposedly) but it's only going like 35. And I watched this video on how to derestrict:
Accept when we tried to do it everything looked COMPLETELY different when we got the top case off. :/
Did they start making them so you can't take the variator nut off anymore? Or can you still do it? If so can anyone tell me how? I can't seem to find this on the Internet ANYWHERE.

Feb 06, 2015
speed up your scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

I just finished removing the restrictor in the exhaust pipe of my 2002 50cc. Vino, what a difference that made also the washer in the vaireator

Feb 06, 2015
speed up your scooter NEW
by: Anonymous

I just finished removing the restrictor in the exhaust pipe of my 2002 50cc. Vino, what a difference that made also the washer in the vaireator

Dec 04, 2012
Make your 50cc go faster... NEW
by: Anonymous

lose weight. <]:o)

Aug 07, 2012
my 06 vino 50 4t NEW
by: popeye420

I jus read a lower comment about the air box restriscter screen and removed it like they suggested and I notice a lil bit of diff when she starts to hit top end sounds like its opening up better I am going to pick up the variator parts they were speaking of later this week also does anyone know if there is a governer on the carb???
Thanx for the tips keep zoomin .

Jun 21, 2012
4t NEW
by: lee

Thanks dude. I'll keep y'all updated as i try some of these ideas. Awesome.

Jun 20, 2012
This can be done NEW
by: Anonymous

You can gain acceleration, mid range and a bit of top speed on your vino 4T. 1). be sure your spark plug and belt have been according to factory specs
2). Use a flat screwdriver and hammer and remove the plastic tabs holding the metal restrictor plate on the dirty clean side of your air filter. If your air filter is older than 2000 miles replace it, remove the restrictor plate either way. 3). Change your stock variator weights to 4 to 4.5 gram Dr. Pulley sliders. (stock rollers are 6 gram) 4). When doing your variator weights, remove your variator completly and place the small restrictor washer from the Yamaha C3 on first before putting your variator back. This is a 70 cent part (90201-13802-00 WASHER, PLATE) from your dealer. This slightly moves your belt away from the engine, aligning it perfectly with your clutch. These simple steps will give you a much more responsive throttle with better top speed. Be sure and torque the variator nut to 25 ft lbs.

Mar 20, 2012
that's what I was afraid of NEW
by: lee

Thanks for your honesty. I think I'll look into an aftermarket air filter and/or exhaust(more air flow wouldn't hurt),if there is one... I'm pretty stubborn.

Mar 09, 2012
Nope not going to happen NEW
by: Marie

I own a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke, by far the 2 is so much faster to take off and, it can climb hills, Has 35,300 Km,
My new 4 stroke, 1523 km is slow take off, and heck I stay away from hill,s no power at all
Have done a lot of checking and reading, , Nothing can be done to speed it up, some days I wished I had not bought it,
Just try and get use to it, My scooters are for fun , I m retired so dont need to get to a job.
Good luck, just enjoy, your ride and stay safe,

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