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Feb 10, 2012
Genuine Buddy Scooters
by: Mark A

I own two Buddys- a 170i and a 150 International and both are really great scooters. I had good luck with the Znens that I had previous to the Buddys but the Buddy's performance is far superior. The 170i really gets up and goes with it's additional power, light weight and fuel injection but the 150cc will give it a run for it's money. I really love the quality and reliability of these scoots.
We haven't had them long enough to take any long trips but we will soon. One of the main reasons we bought Genuine Buddys is the rave reviews they get from their owners and the reasonable selling price. It seems that the vast majority of owners love their Buddys. We wanted some thing small and light but fast enough to keep up with traffic when we needed to. Of course we wouldn't take them on an expressway here in Florida, but they are comfortable on almost all the other roads here in Volusia County. I have to say, they do what we ask of them just fine.

Aug 16, 2010
Highway Legal
by: Kathi

Thanks for your detailed comments, Tabby B. I agree with most of what you had to say. However, I'm not sure what you say about 150cc scooters not being highway legal is accurate.

I know for a fact that a popular scooting blogger test drove the Genuine Buddy 125cc on I-35 in Austin. I don't even want to drive a car on the freeways in Austin! But he claimed the Buddy did fine and kept up OK.

Also, there are many highways in the U.S. where 55MPH is the legal speed limit (NJ was one; I lived there for 30 years), so a 125/150cc scooter should be able to keep up with traffic in those locations just fine.

But would I want to ride my Genuine Buddy on the interstate? No way! Still... I think I could do so legally, in areas where 55MPH is the legal limit (it's 70, here in Idaho, where I live now).

Just my two cents...

Aug 16, 2010
by: TabbyB

First off any motor bike is going to be louder than riding inside a car since you are not isolated from the outside. I have checked out the Buddy 50cc but I'm going back to look at the 125cc and the International since I think I would be more comfortable with a bike with a higher high end speed.

The 150cc may be able to get up to 60+mph, but is not legal on the freeway. To ride a bike on the freeway it must be at least a 250cc. I've had a Honda 350cc and got rid of it because I wasn't confident enough to handle it. Trust me, people who ride on the freeways must be nuts. For me it's down right terrifying. It's not just the trucks it's the speed.

When I was in Hawaii I wiped out on a moped at 30mph and that hurt enough. And then again I crashed my roommate's moped into the side of a '67 Impala. Trust me; it's not a fun experience.

I've been interested in a scooter for some time; ever since seeing them in Italy. I think they are the right size, not as intimidating as a big motorcycle, not as expensive, and more functional than a motorcycle.

I've done some looking; talked to some owners of other makes of scooters, and have pretty much made up my mind on the Buddy 125cc or a Buddy International 150cc. But I need to test drive one to make up my mind.

The 50cc seemed like the right size, but just needing to easily get up to the 45mph of most major streets. Here in Florida the minimum unposted speed is 30mph. So I feel a bit uncomfortable with the limitations of the Buddy 50cc. In a small city it may be ok, but not for a city. Where I live 10 miles is right around the corner.

Then again, I've looked into which bridges I can ride a scooter across, less than 250cc, and there is only one across the St. Johns and that is down town. Remember, you can't ride these scooters on the freeway and that includes any bridges with limited access.

I can see myself putting 5000 miles per year on a scooter easily. So this can't be a snap decision.

Jun 18, 2010
My First Scooter
by: Anonymous

I got my buddy 50 a few weeks ago and I've already put 200 miles on it and I love that little guy. True, it's kind of loud but aren't the Harley folks guilty of this too?

It sounds like a cross between George Jetson's car and a leaf blower but it doesn't bother me much. It's so much fun to ride and it has the most "pep" in its class.

I dont have to hunch over like I had to do on the Metro and it's not a bad price for what you get. I do question the accuracy of the speedometer (it says you're going faster than you really are) and I only get about 80 MGS on it, but hey; IT ONLY COSTS $3.00 TO FILL IT!

I get so many compliments on the color and it looks really cool. My stress has gone down a lot after getting it and it's the most you can get without a motorcycle license. (Maybe someday I'll get one)

Jan 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

Most of my 50cc Buddy seems very durable. It went through a wreck without needing repairs. On the other hand, I have tons of trouble with the rear view mirror stalks. They shake loose really easily. It is no fun having a rear view mirror hit you in the arm when you need to see out of it. Also, my gauges are less than accurate, particularly the fuel and speed gauges. It is a good scooter that does what I need it to do, but it has some small flaws.

Dec 02, 2008
Thanks, Peter!
by: Kathi

Great review, Peter! I know I'm still loving my Buddy 125. I hear you on the plastic parts, but I have to say, mine's been plenty durable so far...
Have fun scootin'!

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