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Don Schaffer

Proud 2009 Genuine Stella Owner

Don Schaffer loves his 2009 Genuine Stella scooter!

Don Schaffer's Genuine Stella picture

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Location: Arvada, CO, USA

Scooter Owner For: Have owned my Stella for 6 Months, but previously had a Honda Metro for 3 years, and originally started with a '58 Vespa in '64

Reasons for Owning a Scooter: Because scootin' is fun!, I can save money on gas

How Used: Around town, Just for fun rides, Back & forth to work

Longest distance I've ridden: 50 to 75 miles one way

Fastest speed I've gone: Around 50 MPH

My Story: I got out of scootering in 1966 when I joined the Marines and went to Viet Nam. I returned in 2006 with a Honda Metro then on to my Stella in 2009. My Stella is like a really reliable version of the '58 Vespa I started with... I love it. You can learn more about Don at his personal website too.

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