Can you make a 50cc scooter go faster by simply changing out the muffler?

by Tom

I read on another site that one of the ways was to put a different kind of muffler or buy a boarding kit or replacing the carb. Also is it bad for the engine to be pushed that much more.

They made it sound like they purposely slow it down to make it street legal. Your help would be appreciated. Tom

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Apr 11, 2017
How to make my scooter 50 go faster NEW
by: Anonymous

How do I make my scooter faster

Feb 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

I would go a lightweight strait through design. You can do it yourself with a hacksaw, grinder, pipe bender and intro welding skills. Cut the stock muffler off at the old welded line where the muffler meets the pipe and weld on your new outlet. To clear this up and crunch numbers --> Like a car, an muffler only covers (one) range of many. In small numbers you gain power but you get your biggest prize in lightning your ride. Stock and even some aftermarket mufflers are very very heavy and pointless. Don't know why some riders would want a baritone hanging off the side of there bikes though. Please don't go baritone.

Sep 15, 2014
faster mother fucker make it pull NEW
by: Justin badman

Fist of all they come with a timing restricter which does not allow the timing to advance so you have to get into the hear,t of it and get the restricted out of it then bump your timing up like a big block on methanolthen wire in a cdi out of a 440 jhondeer snowmobile you see that's your restricter the cdi dcbox then you can get real crazy cut the cdi out and wire a straight 12volts into the Stator then put a fuel canister from a Honda accord on it then cut a muffler' adaptor pipe fabricate the pipe around back of carb then go to AutoZone and get a two barrel paper filter and a crome lid then take your gas
Air flow screw in As far as it will go then put a old v8 coil on it you will get 70 mph 😎 badman73harleyatgmail. Com

Apr 06, 2014
nothing will help NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't worry about harming you engine because it really doesn't matter, TaoTao makes crap anyway so it will crap out soon enough with out your help.

Sep 04, 2012
2012 tao variator washer NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine manufactured 6 2012 doesnt have one not a secret 63 the only mod i did is remove the block off cap to adjust the carb i weigh 165 and it does 40 all day with me and pulls uphills fine maybe losing 5 to 7 miles per hour on a steep incline

Sep 04, 2012
2012 tao variator washer NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine manufactured 6 2012 doesnt have one not a secret 63 the only mod i did is remove the block off cap to adjust the carb i weigh 165 and it does 40 all day with me and pulls uphills fine maybe losing 5 to 7 miles per hour on a steep incline

Aug 16, 2012
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

Tao Tao ATM 50 can I put a performance exhaust on it without messing it up I can do about 38 tips on it it's a 2012

Jun 26, 2012
Notching the variator NEW
by: Anonymous

Jun 26, 2012
Notching the variator NEW
by: Anonymous

Jun 26, 2012
Notching the variator NEW
by: Anonymous

Some people say "windows" are the way to go.. Honestly I'm going to give you the best description I can...

1 Take your variator off your scooter
2 remove the backing plate (you will see the roller weights inside) put them aside
3 where the weights sat are "ramps" as the variator spins faster they push it out
4. With a small dremel cutting wheel cut straight down from where the backing plate bolted down to about 1/16 in from the ramps equally as wide
5. Use a file to blend tge 1/16in inti the ramp making it taller...
6 reinstall your weights(leave the backing plate off)
7.bolt on replace belt and rip....

Ill add a link with pictured instructions..

Jun 26, 2012
notching the variator NEW
by: Anonymous

I saw the question about removing the washer from the variator and I din see anny direct answer s about it being harmfull to the end result .I'm curious if this is worth trying ..also in what way could you notch the variator and by this are we talking about a 2 in bushing type of spacer

Jan 31, 2012
Everything your looking for NEW
by: Anonymous

Ok.. So you can "notch" the variator to increase top end, pipe and carb replies are correct along with the cdi... This site caries a lot of aftermarket parts... Treatland (google it) I currently have a1982 honda nu 50 doing just over 70mph.. There are all types of tricks out there...the internet is a wonderful tool.. good luck tom.

Jul 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

I was wondering could you leave out the washers and gain more speed? Would leaving the washers out hurt the engine? Thanks

Feb 22, 2011
Larger Scooter Envy
by: Anonymous

Hi Tom,

Yes, I've heard the same stories too that many scooter manufacturers have restricted their scooters to keep their scooters less polluting. In those cases, you would need to dremel out some pipes on the exhaust and also the carburetor to make it go faster. Of course there's a whole industry of modified parts out there.

The fact is that most 50 cc scooters ride around 40 MPH or less. We're talking about a 4-5 horsepower motor here, which is smaller than most lawnmowers. Your scooter was designed to go these speeds. If you alter one part of the scooter, you may need to alter other parts of the scooter to make it work more efficiently.

There are plenty of web sites dedicated to modding your scooter. Let's face it, we all want to go a little faster. Some people feel that by modding your scooter that you effect the life of the scooter, while other happily ride their modified scooters for years without any trouble. You'll definitely lose mileage and increase exhaust emissions.

A lot can be said for simply buying a larger scooter that's really built for faster speeds, instead of trying to make a scooter that was designed to go 32 MPH to go 50. Best of luck.

Aug 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have a 50cc 139qmb engine scooter. I can push 40-42 mph on level road and no forwind. I weigh around 235lbs so if i weighed around 150lbs i could probably reach 45mph! the only thing i did to my scooter was removed the variator washer. But I plan on getting a big bore kit to reach 50+ mph.

Sep 21, 2009
thanks for your help, I picked this info up from another site
by: Anonymous

Put a performance air filter on it, get lighter roller weights, also a CDI rev unlimiter,and upsize the main fuel jet in the carburetor. Get a performance exhaust and you will reach speeds of 50+ MPH. This will also help uphills... ENJOY!

Sep 21, 2009
I don't believe so.
by: Ron Goldwyn

I wish things were so simple as disconnecting a wire to increase the speed. I have downloaded much to learn how to increase my speed above my current 33MPH on my stork GY6 engine.

What the wife of my scooter dealer told me was that she has sold (She is in charge of parts) a number of high performance CDI units that increase the engine's output.

Please read my message that is posted elsewhere on this site, as I have listed all the ways to increase the engine's output short of installing a new carb and cylinder block that increases the engine from 49cc to 70cc or larger.

For me to do that would put my scooter into the category of motorcycle (in Connecticut where I live), requiring the scooter to be insured and registered (License Plates) and for me to obtain a Motorcycle license also. If that was my intention, I would have spent the extra $200 and bought a 150cc scooter in the first place.

May I suggest you do as I did and search the internet for modifications to a scooter engine and learn from what they say. I checked for performance enhancing kits for a 49cc scooter.

Sep 21, 2009
by: Jim Zeiser

I read somewhere (and don't quote me because they're all different) that there's a pink wire on the Magneto or CDI that acts like a governor for 50cc scooters. If you unplug it the scooter will produce more revs. Again I don't know if this is true, but I've heard of 50cc scooters miraculously going 45 mph after this. Of course you run the risk of damaging the engine from this so if you succeed, be forewarned.

Sep 19, 2009
by: NoWhereFast

Going to a performance muffler will increase acceleration, but not top speed. It may also lean out the carb and a larger jet will be needed.

Sep 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

If you change the muffler you will need to get a bigger jet in the carb or a bigger carb. If you're letting more out the back end (muffler) you need to let more in the front end (carb). Not every 50cc bike is the same. It is totally possible that changing anything on the muffler or carb will decrease performance.

There is one simple way to go faster. Buy a scooter with a larger engine.

Sep 15, 2009
Thank you
by: Tom

Thank you for your feedback; it was helpful.

Sep 15, 2009
I'm no mechanic
by: Ron Goldwyn

Dear Tom,

As I say,"I'm no mechanic, but I do rear what others report on the internet.

My scooter is currently unmodified, and the 49cc engine pushes me to 33MPH maximum. Would I like to go faster, say to 40mph, the answer is yes. I have read that just removing a plastic washer on the variator could increase top speed to close to 40mph, also replacing the rollers in the variator will do this.

Some scooters have a restricting washer in their exhaust system which if removed increases output. Another item that will increase the output is to simply replace the stock CDI unit with a high performance one.

All these items will boost your output without any modification to the engine itself, but for less than $200 one may purchase kits that modify the 49cc engine to a 70cc one that can really make your scooter go like the big boys, but in my State of CT that will mean I would have to register and insure my scooter and I would have to take a $300 motorcycle learning course and obtain a motorcycle license from the State.

Of cause we could always hope to get away with the modifications and not get caught driving a modified over powered scooter without a license.

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