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Bob Carter (AKA ArtistBob)

Proud JMSTAR Nemo 150 Owner

Bob loves his JMSTAR Nemo 150 scooter!

Bob Carter JM Star scooter picture

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Location: Half Moon Bay, CA, USA

Scooter Owner For: Since June 2009 (2+ months)

Reasons for Owning a Scooter: Because scootin' is fun!, It's good for the environment, I can save money on gas, and it is a Zen experience.

How Used: Around town, Just for fun rides

Longest distance I've ridden: Between 10 & 25 miles one way

Fastest speed I've gone: 65 MPH

My Story: When I turned 70 I bought a motorcycle and took the safety course, but I found the big bike to be more than a newbee could handle safely. I sold the bike and moped around for several years. One day I drove past a scooter shop that was just in the process of opening up, stopped, walked in, was treated great by the family who owned the shop, and bought my Nemo 150 on the spot. Impulsive? You bettcha! In the short time I've had the scooter I couldn't be happier. I make up all manner of excuses to go for rides, and try to ride every day. I would like to get to know other riders in the coastal area South of San Francisco. Part of the whole experience is the fellowship of riders. I hope someday to meet the other members of this site and ride or just share tall tales. (The 65 mph speed was achieved downhill with a strong coastal tail wind on HWY 1. One time only.)

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Updates by Bob

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July 10, 2010 
Well I reached the ONE YEAR anniversary on my first scooter. It's a Chinese-made Nemo 150cc model and has run flawlessly. I haven't ridden it as much as …

Oct. 10, '09 
Am I the only one who just enjoys just looking at scooters? I mean I look at them like they were works of art, sculptures maybe. The colors, the shapes, …

January 2, 2010 Not rated yet
Wow, a new decade. It seems like we were just worrying about whether the world's computers were going to crash because of the new 2000 millennium. All …

Dec 28, 2009 Not rated yet
Well, I've had my head in the sand for a while. Like today... I'm taking one of my turns hosting the co-operative art gallery where I exhibit my work. …

Oct 11, '09 Not rated yet
Photo from the Left Coast.

Oct. 7 '09 Not rated yet
To SOCO PETE, Just wanted to say, "Hi" and "easy riding", to you and yours in St. Louis. That's my home town. Born there; childhood in Walnut Park. Grew …

Oct. 5, '09 -Page 5 Not rated yet
Page 5: This photo is from as far north on HWY 1 as we will go on this trip. This view overlooks Montara State Beach beyond the fence on the left. …

Oct. 5, '09 - Part 4 Not rated yet
Page 4. Next stop is in the little town of Montara, CA., just up the road from Moss Beach. All of these little towns (Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss …

Oct . 5, '09 - Page 3 Not rated yet
Continued: Page 3 Still heading North we come to the little town of Moss Beach. Oh Boy! I can smell the Tacos and Burritos from the family owned …

Oct. 5, '09 - Page 2 Not rated yet
Continuing the ride North on HWY 1 from Half Moon Bay we pass through farmlands and housing communities on a straight and narrow rout. Most of the farms …

Oct. 5, '09 Not rated yet
Hi, Since I am isolated here on the left coast I just thought I'd go on a Virtual tour for/with you from Half Moon Bay north a few miles and show …

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