Archived Scooter Repair Questions

Issues with Scooter Leaks

On this page, you'll find our scooter repair questions archives, containing questions that past visitors to the site have asked concerning issues with leaks in their scooters.

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I like to keep the numbers of questions on our current Scooter Answers category pages down to a usable minimum. Too many questions to scan through can be overwhelming. So I've created these archive pages so that you can still find answers to almost any scooter question through search, but the most current (last month's) questions will be easier to scan through and answer or just learn from.

So, this archived scooter questions page is about strange sounds in a scooter. If you can't find what you want here, feel free to explore the other archived topics listed here. And actually, the easiest way to find anything in our database of questions and answers is probably to use our site search box:

Archived Questions About Leaks

Click below to see past questions and answers regarding leaks in a scooter.

What can I do about a gas leak on my scooter? 
I've been filling up the gas tank on my scooter frequently to notice the gas is dripping onto the floor so the tank runs empty fast... I looked under the …

Why is fuel pouring from my air filter on my 50cc Roketa scooter? 
When I turn off my 50cc Roketa scooter, fuel comes out of the carb and drips out of my air filter. I had no problems two days before and now it has happened …

Why does my scooter leak gas when I try to start it? 
My 2008 brand new Roketa 150cc scooter leaks gas when I try to start it. I rode it for a week and put about 130 miles on it, I got home 3 days ago and …

Any idea why oil is leaking out of my Kymco Super 8 scooter? 
I bought a 2009 Kymco Super 8 scooter a month or so ago and it has been driving fine. Today I saw that there is oil leaking out of the air filter. I changed …

Why would my 50cc Genuine Buddy scooter leak gas through the carburetor? 
I have a Buddy 50cc (2006) that leaks gasoline through the carburetor. I was driving along and all of a sudden the engine cut out. The carburetor was leaking …

Why would my brand new scooter be leaking gas? 
Hi, just got a new SUNL 150 cc scooter and took it for a ride and noticed that gas is leaking while it's running. After bringing it back home, it will …

Why is my Xingyhue scooter leaking fuel? 
When I fill my Xingyhue scooter up with gas, I leak quite a bit of fuel. I have checked the fuel line and don't see another problem. I read somewhere …

What is causing fuel to leak from the bottom hose of my carburetor? 
I have a 2004 TNG Venice 49cc scooter that was given to us by our neighbors. There is gas leaking (dripping 1-2 drops/min) out the bottom hose on the …

What could be causing my oil leak? 
My scooter is leaking oil out of the oil drain. What would be the cause of that kind of leak and how do I fix it?

How do I keep gas from running through the air cleaner after my scooter is shut off? 
There is raw gas running out of the air cleaner of my 50 cc VIP scooter. The scooter runs, but even after it is shut off, gas continues to run out of the …

What do I do about a gas leak in my 3 wheeled Chinese scooter? 
I discovered a gas leak from my Xingyue scooter and I do not know what to do. Please help. I called a shop near my place of residence but they said they …

Can You Help with Gas Line Leak - Nonfunctioning Throttle in New Chinese scooter? 
I bought my 50cc scooter new a couple of months ago. I recently noticed a slow drip from the fuel filter area and haven't known what to do about it. Just …

Can You Help With an Oil Leak Following an Upgrade? 
I have a 2005 gas scooter that had a kit put on to go faster. Now it leaks oil... can you help? Thank you, Sandy

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