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Gauges, Electrical & Wiring Issues

On this page, you'll find our scooter repair questions archives, containing questions that past visitors to the site have asked concerning gauges, electrical and wiring issues in their scooters.

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I like to keep the numbers of questions on our current Scooter Answers category pages down to a usable minimum. Too many questions to scan through can be overwhelming. So I've created these archive pages so that you can still find answers to almost any scooter question through search, but the most current (last month's) questions will be easier to scan through and answer or just learn from.

So, this archived scooter questions page is about strange sounds in a scooter. If you can't find what you want here, feel free to explore the other archived topics listed here. And actually, the easiest way to find anything in our database of questions and answers is probably to use our site search box:

Archived Questions About Gauges/Electrical/Wiring

Click below to see past questions and answers regarding gauges and/or electrical wiring in a scooter.

How do I remove the speedometer to check it? 
My speedometer wire came loose. I think my cable came loose and I don't know how to get to it. Can you tell me step by step how to do this task?

Why is my "service" indicator coming on on my Kymco People scooter? 
I have a 2007 Kymco People 125 scooter. I have 1900 miles on it and my "service" indicator started blinking. The dealer didn't have the owner's manual …

Why would my Verruchi Bullet scooter gas gauge show empty when I have a full tank? 
My gas tank has full gas, but the display only shows an empty tank... I just bought a new battery for my scooter, after having it parked for three months …

Why can I not get a spark on my 150cc scooter? 
I cannot get my 150cc scooter started. I am not getting a spark on the plug. I have checked the CDI and I have checked the coil... what do I do?

If I have very small blue spark, do I need CDI or coil?  
I have determined that lack of proper spark is my problem. What spark there is comes at the right time. Any idea if I need a new CDI or coil? Thanks! …

What could be causing my complete electrical failure? 
I've got No lights, No Horn...Nothing! I have a Pulse Zoom 125cc scooter, which is causing me a bit of bother. It originally wouldn't start through …

Where can I find wiring diagrams for a Peace Sports scooter? 
I can not get my Peace Sports scooter to start with the electric starter. I can hook the battery charger directly to the the starter and it works. Are …

Can you help me figure out why my 2009 Vespa 150 speedometer isn't working? 
Hi I have a 2009 Vespa 150 bought it used... The speedometer doesn't work... can you give me some hints as to where to start? Thanks... Joe

What kind of diagnostics can I run on my Jonway scooter to figure out my electrical problem? 
I own a 50cc Jonway scooter. When braking, the front wheel shudders (rotor, brake pads?). Also the turn signals won't work; it's not the bulbs, as the …

Why don't I get a spark from my new coil on my scooter? 
I am not getting a spark when I try to start my scooter, so I bought a new spark plug coil and still no spark. I also bought a new battery... any ideas? …

Why do I keep blowing the fuse in my 1997 Yamaha Mint scooter? 
Here is my question... the past week my Yamaha scooter has been blowing the fuse from the battery lead... it has blown twice. I am unsure why this is happening; …

What do I do if the oil warning light will not go out? 
I have a 49.5cc Beamer scooter, the oil line was leaking, so I cut off the split end and replaced the line onto the oil bottle, I put oil in the bottle …

Can you help me? 
Speed gauge not working... lights up; just don't tell you the speed. …

Where can I get a vissual wiring step by step diagram for a 2008 Honda Velocity scooter? 
Half of my electrical wires on my Honda Velocity scooter got melted, and I need to rewire it. But, I don't know where any wires go. Can anyone help …

Why Won't My Speedometer Work Anymore? 
I have a 2008 Roketa Bali 150cc Motor Scooter. I have had it since April of 2008, just over 2 years. It has about 5,400 miles on it. The speedometer …

Why Won't My Gas Gauge Work Anymore? 
I have a 2008 Roketa Bali 150cc motor Scooter. I have had it for just over 2 years. I have 5,400 miles on it. The gas gauge started to work intermittently, …

Where do I find the fuses on a Hyosung scooter?  
Where do I find the fuses on my Hyosung Hyper 125cc scooter?

Where does voltage from the back of the coil come from on my scooter? 
I have an XY 150 scooter... should there be 12 volts at the back of the coil detectable with a test light? If so, did I trace the wire correctly up to …

Can you tell me what might be causing my scooter to stop running and my lights to brun out? 
My scooter starts and runs for a brief period of time, say for two minutes to ten minutes, and then just stops running. A few of the light bulbs have gotten …

How do reset the oil light on a Matrix 2 170 scooter? 
I can't figure out how to reset the oil light on my scooter. The manual does not help! Can anyone offer any enlightenment or suggestions on what I can …

Where can I find a wiring schematic for a XY150 T scooter? 
I have a 150cc XY150 T scooter that is surging. Headlights and taillights keep blowing. Battery is brand new and is over charging @ 14.60 amps. Headlights …

What would cause my fuel gauge to work intermittently and how do I fix it? 
I have an 2006 NST 50cc scooter with 1200 miles on it. The fuel gauge sometimes doesn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Randy

What should I check on my Motobravo scooter if my gas gauge and speedometer are not working? 
I purchased a 50cc 2008 Motobravo scooter and gas gauge and speedometer are not working, what should I check? After purchasing this scooter, I noticed …

Where can I get an alarm module or a wiring diagram for a Kaitong MP50-02? 
The keyless alarm causes my bike to not start. First my battery was draining and would die after a few days (2.4ma drain) and I traced it to the wireless …

Where could I find a 250CC wiring diagram? 
Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 250cc water cooled scooter? Answer: Jake, you may get some answers from someone here, but it sure would be …

What would cause a digital speedometer to not register speed? 
I have a Roketa MC-102 150cc scooter with a digital speedometer in a gauge cluster. There is a battery gauge on the left side of the speedometer and a …

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