Any ideas why my Sunny JL 50QT-8 scooter is eating headlight bulbs?

by Mark
(Bristol, Ct. U.S.A.)

Sunny JL 50QT-8 Scooter is eating headlight bulbs. I had to get rude with Scooter Depot in order to get a new Voltage Regulator and, two new bulbs that THEY charged $90.00 with shipping for when the first headlight bulb burned out.

Now the bike is eating headlight bulbs again. I finally (after days of arguing) got Scooter Depot to send me yet another voltage regulator and, two more bulbs.

Now NOBODY in my area will even look at this bloody bike. Apparently... The company that manufactures these things doesn't like to pay its bills. So much for the warranty.

I'm thinking... I should put a voltage reducer control nob (Made from a audio volume assembly) to the headlight switch... This should stop the bulb failure. My idea is; If I can reduce the voltage to the headlight switch... It'll stop (I hope) burning out the bulbs. The headlight IS the only bulb burning out. All the other bulbs are fine.

I will never buy another Sunny or, any Chinese scooter again. I liked the idea of the Sunny scooter because... It runs on straight gasoline... No mixing oil. But, otherwise... What a piece of crap. I'm sticking to my '77 Garelli Super Sport XL Moped.

I did write to the company but, to date... Not a word back.

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May 27, 2011
Any ideas why my Sunny JL 50QT-8 scooter is eating headlight bulbs?
by: Mark

I found the short in the headlight wire and completely bypassed it. While I was at it... I added a headlight on/off switch. Now the bike can run with just the front driving and tail light without having the headlight on.

The original problem it seems is that the Tie-rap/wire tie around the mass of wires attached to the fork tube was put on too tight squeezing the wire. Vibration due to shipping and driving caused it to short against the tube.

Now the only problem is, it's only driven about a quarter of a mile a day and the battery doesn't get a full charge. Once a week I have to top off the charge in the battery. I'll never buy another Sunny.

Next problem... My wife's first Scooter. I bought it used, it's a 2003 Jinan Qingqi 49cc two stroke. She had it about a month and crashed it into the back end of a parked S.U.V... (Traffic laws are beneath her and don't apply...) The starter jammed killing the brand new battery and I parked the thing in our attached shed (It's warmer and dryer than parking it outside.).

Now I can't find the keys and I thought I might try to get it started. I can't open the gas cap, seat or turn the ignition. The ignition is the least of my worries as it wouldn't be my first hot wire job.

I contacted a couple of scooter parts and service companies on the web. To date NOT A SINGLE REPLY! I think it's because I refuse to give the Vehicle I.D. number. NEVER give anyone a number like that because, forging a document that gives them ownership over a vehicle that is not highly regulated, not registered, not kept track of by ANY D.M.V. and especially not looked for by police is asking for trouble.

Get a bicycle, dirt bike, moped or scooter stolen and see what happens. The cops won't even look for it.

I need to get keys made.

May 27, 2011
by: johnny

What's wrong with your moped is it needs a new stator. the same thing just happened to mine yesterday.

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