2010 260cc Xingyue Star (BMS TBS-260-4) Scooter Review

by Jon Tschirgi
(Laguna Beach, CA.)

This bike is the new updated version of the Xingyue 260 that others have already reviewed here. First of all, it is impossible to overstate the improvements that have been made here.

The bike now has an all aluminum rear end with a single gas/oil/spring shock that is rider adjustable at the turn of a knob. It blows away the old fashion dual "coil-over" shocks of the previous model.

The wheels are now 5-spoke all aluminum, which are lighter and stronger than the old 3-spoke wheels. Both Hydraulic discs have been improved with twin pistons and increased size. The entire front fork has been replaced with a new one that is stronger, lighter and offers 3 more inches of travel. The water-cooled engine now has self-adjusting valves.

As you can see, the improvements are enormous and make what was already the best made Chinese scooter even better. Due to its long wheel base, new modern suspension and low center of gravity, this bike is very stable. So stable in fact that you can ride it at 70 mph, with no hands. Not that you should ever do that.

I'm a 200 pound rider and the bike has no trouble reaching 80 mph, but it's not a lot of fun at that speed. Comfortable cruising is at 60-70 mph. At those speeds it's freeway legal in most states but not California where I live. This is just as well, because any bike with 13" wheels should avoid freeways and turnpikes as a rule of thumb, regardless of its power or top end. are a number of reasons for this, but it all boils down to "it just ain't smart."

So, with all these great improvements, is this a bike you should buy? The answer is not clear cut.

This is still a very inexpensive bike built in China. There are reasons it is so cheap. Although my bike has 2000 miles on it and I love it, it has not exactly been trouble free. While it's true that none of the problems could be described as major, they have occurred often enough that I could never recommend this bike as "sole transportation."

You still need a car or other (non-Chinese) bike to depend on. This (and all Chinese scooters)is more of a fun hobby than everyday transportation. Don't even think of buying one unless you enjoy trouble-shooting and turning a wrench now and again.

The smartest way to buy one is from an authorized dealer that will handle any repairs for you. It might cost a little more than buying one online, but in the long run you'll save both money and time.

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Jul 20, 2023
Battery not charging
by: Gone with the wind

Where is the stator located on my Xingyue 260cc scooter, battery not charging and I'm sure the stator is bad. But can't locate, I've changed the regulator retifirer.

Jul 20, 2023
Battery not charging
by: Gone with the wind

Where is the stator located on my Xingyue 260cc scooter, battery not charging and I'm sure the stator is bad. But can't locate, I've changed the regulator retifirer.

Sep 28, 2012
Luckyman1 NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm looking at a 2008 Xingyue 260, 400 original miles and absolutely mint for $1100, runs great. Good buy or not... Thanks for opinions.

Sep 14, 2012
Fair review NEW
by: BigJLV

For an around town (local transportation)it,s a very nice bike. Very comfortable. I'm 50 now and done with shifting for awhile. Purchased mine over the internet. Remember you are the dealer. Your buying from a wholesaler. I've been in automotive for over 30 years so no big deal getting her going. You will have to be or know a good mechanic to get you on the road. I would stick with an EFI model and not a carb.

May 18, 2012
Your experience with BMS TBX 260-EFI NEW
by: Hajo

I am planing to by a BMS TBX 260-EFI.
So I verry interesstert in Your experince with BMS or the model TBX 260-EFI.
Please give me many coments, THX.

Br, Hajo.

Jan 21, 2011
bms 260 cc scooter
by: jp

Hey guys: I am Californian, 949 area code, and you can watch my Youtube videos on Chinese scooters and how to replace your engine oil on 250cc scooter 101 to 105.

For a place where you can buy this scooter and have a good warranty service it is a powersportmax.com, (in the city of South El Monte), with my buddies Mike, Jose or Ricardo, and they will take care of you, just in case you have problems dealing with them after purchasing your bike (due to mechanical services problems) please contact me and I will help you. area code 949-682-9943 text only please since I am very busy at work!

Good luck and happiest 2011

Nov 05, 2010
Design flaws
by: Anonymous

I have one of these since February (BMS 260cc). It has broken at least 6 manifolds (part that connects engine to carburetor) since then. The carburetor is held in place by the manifold, accelerator cable and the air intake hose and nothing else. engine vibration and normal driving conditions will break the weakest part of the manifold, the rubber skin, so the engine will loose compression. This is not a matter of if, but when. My solution: used one of the broken manifolds and stripped the rubber skin from the metal core, bought a piece of industrial petroleum hose rated at 120psi, and made a connector from manifold to carburetor. If I leave the bike under the sun in the morning it will fail to start at mid day but it will work fine at night. guessing the fuel line overheats if it seats under the sun for too long. might need to change fuel line

Jun 22, 2010
by: lee carson

Well, my new purchase started off great......then, quickly entered 6 months of hell just trying to get Certicate of Origin to get title and plates.

BMS Motorsports are great, but, they don't sell to public; you have to use a dealer, in my case, i selected ABC Bikes in Vernon, CA.

What a night mare dealing with their foreign female owner; She refused to provide ownership transfer, so, after suing her in small claims and having CA DMV become involved, i prevailed.

During the six months, the scooter sat in storage due to no plates.

Small Claims ordered ABC Bikes to refund full cash purchase price and courts costs, plus storage. it took LA Sheriffs to enforce the Order upon ABC Bikes owner.

The good news, i now have my refund and buying a new BMS 260CC and looking forward to a fun summer playing with it.

High recommendations to BMS Motorsports in City of Industry, CA,,,,but DO NOT buy from one of their dealers, ABC Bikes !!!!!

Good luck,

L Carson

Mar 11, 2010
Want to buy
by: Anonymous

I would like to know where you purchased yours from. I want to get mine from a reputable company. Someone I can rely on as far as shipping and service. Thanks.

Mar 03, 2010
Where can I by this scooter in California?
by: Anonymous

I want one.

Feb 17, 2010
Freeway legal
by: Jim

Yea, not sure what makes you think the 260 isn't freeway legal, not only is it, I ride mine every day. One improvement I strongly suggest, a 1-3 psi electric fuel pump. (replace both filters and suel hose while your at it) Total cost is less than 50 bucks and eliminates hard starts. That and 86 the p o s battery.

Feb 12, 2010
A 260CC SCOOTER is legal to ride on CA freeways.
by: Anonymous

According to the California Motorcycle Handbook a "motor-driven" cycle is a motorcycle with an engine displacement of 149cc or less. Motor-driven cycles cannot be operated on a freeway. Motorcycles above the 149cc size are motorcycles as opposed to "motor-driven cycles" and can be operated on CA freeways.

Dec 11, 2009
I have one just like it and love it!
by: Anonymous

I have the Interstate GT 260 sold by Metropolitan Scooters which I'll bet is the same as the scooter mentioned here. It is not made by Xingyue but instead by Shanghai Shenke. I absolutely love it. I often travel on highways averaging 75-80MPH and it is very stable. I have over 5,000 miles on mine and have only needed to change a light switch that failed. The part was covered by the warranty and I put it on myself.

At 1500 miles I changed the belt but after examination of the belt I took off, it was unnecessary. I've had a couple of other Chinese scooters and changed the belt on my 260 due to my experiences on the other scooters. This one did not need it so the change was premature. I'm actually saving the old one because it was still in good condition.

When next year rolls around I'm getting my wife one. She regularly rides mine. I have to get her one so I can ride mine when I want to and not have to wait for her to return. As I said, I love this scooter!

Nov 06, 2009
Nice Review, Jon
by: Kathi

Thanks Jon for this comprehensive review of your Chinese scooter. I'm sure the information will be very helpful to many of my readers who are in search of unbiased info on the cheap Chinese scooters. I appreciate you taking the time to contribute this scooter review.


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