2006 Schwinn Graduate Scooter Review

by DK
(Provincetown, MA)

Here is my Schwinn Graduate motor scooter review... I liked it initially. First year I put 1200 miles on from April to October.

Then had some parts that I needed and it was agony trying to get parts for what I thought was a strong name, Schwinn! Was I ever wrong...

Started with Vespa, went to Schwinn and happily back to Vespa.

Thanks, DK
Provincetown, MA

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Jul 14, 2019
by: joshua cherry

i got a schwinn 2006 150 cc 3500 miles good condition no anyone wanting to buy one

Apr 07, 2012
Maintenance help NEW
by: MOAD

Does anyone know where the Transmission Oil Fill Cap actually is? 50cc Graduate

As stated previously, the manual is incorrect, and I am starting to get frustrated randomly removing bolts....

(The shop I bought the Scooter from went under about 1 1/2 yrs ago, and I have yet to find anyone who is willing to service it, and no real solid info on the net (until now, hopefully.)


Sep 25, 2010
Flassher Unit
by: Jim Zeiser

The unit is either under the plastic on the handlebars or the front panel above the front fender.

Sep 13, 2010
Turn Signals Inop
by: Thomas

I have a 2006 Schwinn Graduate. I washed it the other day and now the turn signals don't work. Is there a flasher on these unit and if so where is it? The lights come on but they don't flash.

If the flasher isn't at fault what else could cause this problem?

Aug 18, 2010
Which is It?
by: Jim Zeiser

If it's the 50cc model that's too much. You can buy new ones for near that. If it's a 150cc model, still high, but rebuilt makes it new and if the dealer will maintain it for you, you'll get alot of years out of it.

Aug 17, 2010
A Little High
by: Jim Zeiser

"Long story short, they rebuilt the engine and replaced a bunch of parts (not sure on the detailed list), and are now selling it for $1500 because they feel confident in the quality now."

The problem with that is that right now you could buy a CF Moto E-Charm 2008 for $1600 right out of the crate. Water cooled, fuel injected, 16" wheels and backed by a dealer network. I know a place on Long Island selling E-Jewels for $999, same scooter but without fuel injection. $1500 for a four year old Chinese scooter is up there. Especially when you could hit Craig's List and find a used Kymco or Genuine for close to that.

Now if you really love it and the motor is new, well sometimes you have to go with your heart and get it in writing that this dealer will keep working on it for you, do the periodic maintenances and give you some kind of warranty.

For parts, check out www.partsforscooters.com, www.absolutelyscooters.net and John at 1-888-400-3253 since your scooter is similar to an Eagle Milano. These are good parts places.

Hope that helps

Aug 17, 2010
Need a little guidance from the pros =)
by: Harmony

Hi there,
You all seem very knowledgable about scooters, so I have a quick question for the experts. I just recently became interested in getting a scooter and have been educating myself on as much as possible for the last couple of weeks.

I have a local dealer here that sells strictly KYMCO and Genuine Scooters. They seem to pride themselves on selling only the best quality and will generally service only those brands.

HOWEVER, they came across a 2006 Schwinn Graduate with 2400 miles that needed some major repairs and the guy couldn't afford it. Long story short, they rebuilt the engine and replaced a bunch of parts (not sure on the detailed list), and are now selling it for $1500 because they feel confident in the quality now.

I love it. My questions are: if I purchase this scooter, will it be a chore for me to get parts; will I need a lot of repairs? (I do trust that the quality is as they say it is); is this a fair price? Any and all info is very welcome...thanks for your time!!


May 08, 2010
by: Jim Zeiser

Dexter Auto Sales
2096 West Shore Road
Warwick, RI 02889
Phone: (401) 732-3575

This is listed as a Schwinn scooter dealer on their site. You could call and see if they still do business or repairs on them.

May 06, 2010
Price Not Bad
by: Jim Zeiser

The price isn't too bad for such low miles. If you go to the Schwinn website you might find a dealer nearby. If not your scooter is the same as a TNG Milano, Lance Venice, Roketa Sicily, even Flyscooter is coming out with a similar model this year. Anyone who sells and services Chinese scooters can work on it since it has a GY6 motor and generic components. As I say, www.partsforscooters.com is a great source for parts online. Also any small engine repair shop can do the work and sometimes an ambitious motorcycle shop if you get them the parts.

May 02, 2010
From Newport RI
by: Dave

I'm looking at a 2006 Schwinn Graduate in essentially mint condition with 350 miles on the odometer. The asking price of $1100 OBO seems high. What seems a fair price?
Am I right in assuming that if I want good shop support I may be out of luck and need to shop for parts on line and do my own repairs.
Happy motoring,

Apr 28, 2010
They're all the same scooters
by: Greg L.

After reading the comments on the Schwinn Graduate 150, I must add some input. I also have an "06 150cc Graduate and have just turned 5,000 miles with NO problems. The Graduate is identical to every other "Vespa" style Chinese scooter on the internet, and is a good product. The engines are all Honda pattern model GY6, and parts are available for this engine all over the net. Just type in "motor scooter parts" and everything will be right there for all Chinese scooters, and at very reasonable prices.

Years ago I had a 150 Vespa. It was fun and bullet-proof, except for the cables. The Chinese machines with the CVT transmission are simple, tough, and you just hop on and go. My 150 is a rocket off the light, and will accelerate hard to an indicated 60 mph (fast enough for me).

True the Chinese Scooters don't have good dealer backup, but if you have any kind of mechanical ability, you may may rather pay $1,000 for Chinese than $5,000 for Italian - Have fun!

Apr 13, 2010
Read This
by: Jim Zeiser

I went through most of these comments and I can honestly say that I could solve most of these problems with a valve adjustment or a volt/ohmmeter.It amazes me that there are such shoddy dealers in this world who can't solve simple problems and blame the issue on "bad manufacturing"


The Graduate 50 and 150 are good scooters in the hands of good shops and terrible in the hands of bad ones. Amazing isn't it?

Apr 12, 2010
Got Me
by: Jim Zeiser

The only experience I have with Vespas is what I read at www.modernvespa.com If you go there you'll see that they have their share of issues.

I won't deny that Chinese scooters can be flustering but if you know them they're not that complicated and parts are plentiful, unlike Vespas whose parts can only be had through authorized dealers.

A Schwinn Graduate is basically the same scooter as mine. I broke a valve spring, pulled off the head, sent it to a friend who rebuilt the head for me and sent it back. Gaskets were easy to come by as were other parts. I had the scoot back together in a few weeks working at a leisurely pace. All in my driveway.

Try that on a Vespa, Piaggio, Honda or Yamaha. You need a shop, special tools and a degree from MMI. I'm sure you'll have years of fine motoring on the Vespa, but a little knowledge of the background of your Schwinn would have had you buying aftermarket parts and on the road in no time.

Apr 12, 2010
response to Jim
by: DJ

Hello Jim,
Actually I got the parts from the dealer. And that was a struggle. Since Pacific Cycle owned Schwinn Motor Scoooter and was selling to another oufit lines of communication were not entirely clear........anyway. Yes, I liked the scooter. But as I said getting parts was difficult and the SMS website is very limited. I discovered that the owners manual even had a wrong description for the transmission fluid fill spout.
So, do you have some experience with Vespa's ?
Thanks, DJ

Apr 12, 2010
by: Jim Zeiser

Happily back to Vespa. Yeah. Your dealer never heard of Parts for scooters?? Everything your Schwinn needed could have been bought from them in addition to a host of others. It annoys the heck out of me to read this. Vespas break down too and their parts cost twice as much. The Schwinn is a good scooter in the hands of a competent mechanic and would have served you for a long time if he had only used his head.

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